Technologies That Enable Immunotherapies

Biocompare recently released a new documentary on the technologies that further immunotherapy research. This 4-part documentary presents a comprehensive discussion on current FDA-approved immunotherapies, tumor immunoprofiling and the tumor microenvironment, CAR-T cell therapies, and the next advancements for this game-changing cancer treatment. Taconic Biosciences' Dr. Michael Seiler was interviewed for this and explains how utilizing humanized mouse models and informatics may help researchers understand the biology of tumor growth and potentially prevent these tumors from growing in the first place:

Documentary presented by Biocompare"As Immunotherapies become the standard of care for more cancers the technologies needed to ensure their effectiveness begin to play an important role in patient care. This is because the tools that were once only used in research settings, techniques like Next Generation Sequencing, RNA-Seq, Multi-Parameter Flow Cytometer and Imaging Mass Cytometry, all play important roles in determining how the immune system will respond to a patient's tumor. In this series we will examine how these tools are being used in the treatment of cancer and find out why they are so important in the burgeoning field of Immunotherapy."
Watch the documentary at:

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