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Innovating the Murine Model Industry Since 1949.

Taconic Biosciences began as a small-scale specialty family business in upstate New York. Today, Taconic maintains a global ecosystem of laboratories, breeding facilities, and partnerships, with worldwide distributors and shipping capabilities to provide murine models almost anywhere in the world. Our specialists in genetically engineered models (GEMs), integrated model design and breeding, and animal health enable us to provide the best solutions to customers in preclinical research. 

Modeling Our Mission

Principles Over Profit

Taconic is steadfast in its commitment to animal welfare and your research. We'll guide you to the most appropriate model for your needs - even if we don't currently offer the model off-the-shelf. 

Problem Solvers 

Uncovering your next breakthrough starts with the right murine model. You deserve a team invested in your success with the expertise to get you there. 


Taconic experts can work with you to troubleshoot and determine the ideal model and characteristic of your study. Shepherding your project every step of the way.


Quality is the forefront of everything we do. We strive for excellence daily with the quality processes we have pioneered. 

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Quality, First and Foremost

Sophisticated and complex biomedical research efforts demand lab animals that meet the precise needs of each study. Therefore, associated breeding, testing, and protocol administration services must be performed appropriately in order to provide animals of high genetic quality. Across the company, Taconic Biosciences demonstrates our commitment to meeting these requirements.

Quality Compass

Animal Welfare

We are resolute in our commitment to animal welfare. From obtaining and maintaining the highest level of third-party certification to promoting a work culture where finding discrepancies is rewarded. 

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Taconic is a global community of experts and professionals. We're committed to our core values and invite you to join us. 

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