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Animal Identification, Data Collection, Specimen Collection, and Surgical Services

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We recognize that breeding your genetically modified mice and rats is just the beginning of a successful research program. To maximize the value of the animals in your studies, we offer several additional services for easy integration into your Colony Management Solutions project.

Pre-Conditioning Services

Taconic is fully equipped to provide pre-conditioning solutions that include aging, custom diet administrationcustom microbiomes, and surgical services to your study animals. Diets of varied nutritional content (e.g., high fat) or medication (e.g., doxycycline) are seamlessly imported into our facilities and administered to your animals, all under complete IACUC approvals.

Animal Identification Services

Animal identification is a vital element in any research project. Taconic offers dependable and humane solutions for animal identification, keeping your research moving further. We offer several methods for uniquely identifying animals, from proven methods such as tail tattoos and ear tags to state-of-the-art RFID transponders. Our portfolio of identification methods allows us to match the best method to the needs of your study.

Data Collection Services

The collection of in-life data during breeding and general husbandry can often reveal important phenotypes. These services allow you to access in-life data on your study animals while still housed at Taconic. Our technicians gather data on clinical observations such as body weight and provide the reports to the customer.

Specimen Collection Services

Save time and money by having Taconic collect and ship non-terminal and terminal specimens from your research animals. Our trained technicians can harvest samples and specimens (e.g., blood, tissues, etc.) from your animals and preserve them as appropriate to meet your downstream analysis.

Surgical Modification Services

Allow Taconic's highly trained surgical staff to execute surgical modifications on your animals prior to shipment, making the animals that much closer to "study ready" upon arrival at your facility. Surgical modification services offered in both mice and rats include soft tissue and stereotaxic surgery, and vascular, brain, and metabolic catheter placements.

Surgical Services

Part of Taconic Biosciences’s commitment to providing exactly what our clients need includes a complete array of surgical services, including cannulations and surgical models.

Special Diet Administration

Whether you are using your own model or one of our commercially available models, our dedicated project management team can work with you to design a project that meets your specifications.

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Taconic Biosciences' model generation team has produced about 5,000 models in the last 15 years, developing a globally recognized reputation for advancing the work of in vivo researchers. Our scientific program managers are here to help you navigate the complexities of model generation.

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