Murine Biospecimen Collection

Superior quality organs, fluids, tissue, and embryo products can be harvested from all Taconic Biosciences animal models using aseptic methodology. Biospecimens are available fresh harvest, frozen, or flash-frozen using liquid nitrogen and in RNA later for gene expression studies. This service can also be coupled with our contract breeding and RNAi model generation services.

Sample list of fluids and tissues that can be harvested:

Blood Products:
  • Whole Blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma
Soft Tissues and Organs:
Adipose tissue Heart Skin
Adrenal Kidney Small Intestine
Bone Large Intestine Spleen
Brain Liver Stomach
Colon Lymph Node Tail
Embryo Muscle Testis
Epididymis Ovary Thymus
Eye Pancreas Uterus

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