Humanized Immune System Mice

Humanized immune system (HIS) mice are the most robust and translatable rodent models available for immuno-oncology research. We design these models to recapitulate important aspects of the human immune system, empowering you to more accurately evaluate novel therapeutics. Taconic offers multiple genetically engineered models for custom, in-house humanization as well as HSC- and PBMC-engrafted study-ready models. Explore our portfolio ranging from immunodeficient models based on the CIEA NOG mouse® to the exclusive FcResolv™ huNOG mouse model.

Albino mouse standing

HIS Mice for Preclinical Studies

As drug discovery efforts rapidly shift towards increasingly complex and highly specific biologic therapeutics, sourcing appropriate in vivo models for preclinical work is becoming more challenging. Researchers are turning to our HIS models for help addressing their in vivo drug research challenges.

HIS models are created by engrafting CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), or other human immune cells into an immunodeficient mouse. Taconic offers expert engraftment and a broad selection of NOG models to suit multiple application areas and project types. 

Available HIS Models

Easiest Access to Humanized Immune System Mice

  • Start projects sooner with off-the-shelf inventory available within days, not months. 
  • Taconic humanized immune system (HIS) mice are distributed with no additional licensing requirements under clear for-profit terms of use and nonprofit terms of use
  • Taconic Biosciences is the only rodent model provider empowering customers to obtain models without an MTA or commercial use license.


The Taconic portfolio of HIS mice includes the huNOG-EXL SA (Standard Access) model and the huNOG-EXL EA (Early Access) model. Each model supports different types of studies. Visit the huNOG-EXL Model page to determine which best suits your application.

The NOG Portfolio of super immunodeficient and humanized immune system mouse models

Taconic's NOG mice are severely immunodeficient mouse models which accept the engraftment of heterologous cells more readily than traditional immunodeficient models, making them exceptional hosts for the production of mice with human immune systems. Selection of the right HIS model starts with consideration of the human cell type(s) of interest. The diagram below indicates the predominant immune cells present in each model.

Graphical representation of NOG mice relationships
HIS Model Experts to Drive Success

The correct application of research tools can be just as vital as the tools themselves in driving success. Taconic's PhD Field Application Scientists are a critical resource in delivering the best humanized model solution.

Taconic Field Application Scientists can support customers with:

  • HIS mouse model selection and technical consultations
  • Experimental study design
  • Establishing collaborations that de-risk development of HIS mouse applications
  • Identification of contract service providers with relevant model expertise and experience

Learn more about how huNOG-EXL SA compares to other models for myeloid cell engraftment in our Insight:

Challenges in Models of Myeloid Cell Engraftment in Humanized Mice

What our customers say:

“Working with Taconic has been a great pleasure for Pharmatest. We are impressed with the high quality services, top-level scientific support, and fast and clear communication. By using humanized mice provided by Taconic, we have been able to establish more predictive animal models to support immuno-oncology therapy development.”

Dr. Jenni Bernoulli, COO at Pharmatest

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