Cytochrome P450 Panel Portfolio

A collection of cytochrome P450 humanized and knockout mouse models


Humanized and Knockout Mouse Models for In Vivo Applications

There are profound differences in the pathways that define drug metabolism between rodents and humans. The most important class of drug metabolizing enzymes is constituted by the family of Cytochrome P450 proteins which differ between rodents and humans in their substrate specificity, regulation of expression, and multiplicity. In order to overcome these limitations of traditional rodent animal models we have generated a variety of cytochrome P450 humanized and knockout mouse models which can be used for different in vivo applications.

  • Studying human-specific metabolites in vivo
  • Dissecting the contribution of the Cyp3a family to total bioavailability

  • Use of pure inbred genetic background (either C57BL/6 or FVB). This will minimize variance between mice and increase reproducibility of results.
  • Corresponding mouse genes are deleted in the humanized models.
  • Multiple humanized models available.
  • Pre-validation data available.

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