NOG Portfolio

A unique collection of superimmunodeficient mouse models with broad applications built upon the CIEA NOG mouse®.

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The Taconic NOG Portfolio of superimmunodeficient and humanized immune system mice

The NOG mouse offers many advantages over standard nude and scid strains, particularly for engraftment of challenging cell lines, patient-derived xenografts, and immune system humanization.

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The superimmunodeficient NOG mouse is the base of a flexible platform which includes a variety of next-generation models which have specific utility as well as several different types of humanized immune system (HIS) models.

CIEA NOG mouse®

This immunodeficient mouse model lacks mature T, B, and NK cells, displays reduced complement activity, has dysfunctional macrophages and dendritic cells, & more.

FcResolv™ NOG Portfolio

The FcResolv NOG models are the first and only super immunodeficient mice with knockout of murine Fc gamma receptors to improve accuracy of results when assessing antibody-based therapeutics
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Next-Generation NOG Models

Further genetic modifications have been carried out on the CIEA NOG mouse to develop next-generation models to improve experimental outcomes in a wide range of applications.
second gen NOG mice post-engraftment chart

Humanized Immune System Mice

Taconic Biosciences uniquely combines access to a robust humanized immune system (HIS) mouse model portfolio with engraftment expertise to maximize experimental success.
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