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Our approach to colony management raises the bar and redefines what researchers can expect from the contract breeding industry: A holistic stewardship of customer resources, enhanced communication, and timelines.

Hear from our customers:

“I want to share my gratitude for the above-and-beyond partnership that Taconic has shared with us. We had two separate projects which required multiple breeding strategies to be developed. Despite knowing that we likely would proceed with only a single study, Taconic developed and provided us with multiple detailed options that included strategy, timeline, and cost for each project. Each of our questions were addressed promptly, with Taconic's planning enabling us to make informed decisions quickly. Additionally, this careful planning accelerated the production timeline, allowing for our studies to be initiated early.”

— Biotechnology Director

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Our Holistic Approach to Colony Management

Over the past decade, research has increased in complexity requiring specialized experience in model generation, colony management, and project management—all while balancing efficient resource usage and budgets. Acknowledging these realities, Taconic pioneered Cage+™. This novel approach provides researchers with access to a comprehensive ecosystem of support extending beyond colony management to both up and downstream needs. By integrating our colony management and model generation services, your new model can be designed and bred to scale, all from one project timeline and budget.


Strains of mice and rats utilized

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Breeding projects completed


Mouse models available for use in breeding projects

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Full model generation capabilities to develop novel, custom lines

Explore the Suite of Colony Management Capabilities

From cryopreservation and cryorecovery to innovative animal model housing options, Taconic has all the capabilities you need to properly manage a research model colony 

Preconditioning Solutions for Animal Models

Whether you need animals prepared with specialized diets, surgically modified, individually identified, or equipped with telemetry devices, we understand how animals are used and will work with you to develop a solution
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Genotyping and Genetic Analysis

Taconic Biosciences helps you ensure that your mouse or rat models have the desired genetic profile. Learn about consulting with our team, genotyping, pricing, breeding, & ordering.

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Animal Breeding & Husbandry

Breeding plans and cohort delivery - You've got the right mouse or rat for your study, now you need to generate cohorts to perform your study. Learn more.
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Cryopreservation and Cryorecovery

Taconic offers both embryo and sperm cryopreservation. Taconic also offers revitalization of cryopreserved lines. Learn more today.
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eTACONIC® Platform

From proposal development to project close, every project is managed according to project management best practices with you, the client, as a partner in the process.
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