Murine Biospecimen Collection

Superior quality organs, fluids, tissue, and embryo products can be harvested from all Taconic Biosciences animal models using aseptic methodology. Biospecimens are available fresh harvest, frozen, or flash-frozen using liquid nitrogen and in RNA later for gene expression studies. This service can also be coupled with our contract breeding and RNAi model generation services.

Mouse in gloved hand

Sample list of fluids and tissues that can be harvested:

Blood Products:

  • Whole Blood
  • Serum
  • Plasma

Soft Tissues and Organs:

Adipose tissueHeartSkin
AdrenalKidneySmall Intestine
BoneLarge IntestineSpleen
ColonLymph NodeTail


Fecal Pellets

Taconic Biosciences maintains gnotobiotic animals which are colonized exclusively with the Altered Schaedler Flora (ASF). These animals are ideal microflora donors for germ-free mice you want to associate with a defined flora. For customers wishing to obtain ASF for association purposes, Taconic strongly recommends purchase of live animal donors rather than purchase of fecal pellets. The ASF contains obligate anaerobic bacteria which have limited viability in passed feces. Note that ASF360 is present in extremely low levels in colonized mice and may not be detected in feces. Please see Taconic's recommended association protocol. ASF fecal pellets are available for experimental purposes, but are not recommended for microflora association.

Item Number
ASF-DONOR-MLive mouse donor containing only ASF microflora. Strain and sex will vary depending on availability. Live donors are shipped in a germ-free shipper. Quantities may be limited.$365.40
ASF-DONOR-FLive mouse donor containing only ASF microflora. Strain and sex will vary depending on availability. Live donors are shipped in a germ-free shipper. Quantities may be limited.$418.70


  • Please note there is no health report available for the location which houses ASF donor mice. They are maintained in Taconic's gnotobiotic center using gnotobiotic techniques. We do not perform health testing, but rather perform weekly isolator microbial monitoring, which is consistent with the most likely source of contamination (environmental). Veterinary Sciences staff is available to answer questions regarding husbandry and testing methods.


Fecal Pellets

Taconic can provide fecal pellets from mice at a variety of health standards, from Germ Free to Murine Pathogen Free™. These may be used for molecular biology/PCR studies. For the items below, Taconic provides one vial containing 10 freshly collected fecal pellets. We recommend shipping fecal pellets overnight at room temperature. For prolonged transit, we recommend shipping frozen on dry ice. Taconic does not recommend use of these fecal pellets for microflora association or to culture particular microflora members.


Pooled Fecal Pellets

Item CodeDescriptionPrice
FECES-GF-POOLEDGerm free fecal pellets$173.25
FECES-OF-POOLEDOpportunist Free™ fecal pellets$102.06
FECES-MPF-POOLEDMurine Pathogen Free™ fecal pellets$68.04


Additional Fee

Item Code
MISC-LABORMiscellaneous labor costs associated with collecting samples and placing on dry ice.$315.00

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