TruIMPORT™ - Three Unique Options for Importing Your New Genetically Engineered Model 

TruIMPORT™ is a novel service that removes concerns with importing your model into your home facility. There are three options available as part of this portfolio of services: RapidRELAY™, RapidCHECK™, and RapidEXPANSION™. We understand the challenges that non-profit researchers can experience when importing models into their facilities and have designed this suite of delivery options to address common barriers to importation.

Laboratory Equipment - Optical Microscope. Microscope is used for conducting planned, research experiments, educational demonstrations in medical and health institutions, laboratories. Close up photo.

Which Importation Method is right for You?

Considerations and Benefits RapidRELAY™ RapidCHECK™ RapidEXPANSION™
Animals are unpacked and reviewed by Taconic's trained technicians upon arrival from international third party vendor
Includes a health report from international third party vendor only prior to shipment to US
Allows import of animals within 3 weeks of arrival from an international third party vendor
Animal health report is reviewed by Taconic veterinarian
Includes a health monitoring report on animals post-arrival from international third party vendor
Removes the need for quarantine at customer's home facility*
(please refer to health testing and exclusion list)
Excludes all bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens*
(please refer to health testing and exclusion list)
Provides opportunity to expand the number of animals in model generation deliverable
Provides age matched cohorts
Eligible for shipment on a Taconic fleet truck
Eligible for downstream breeding in a Taconic Barrier
Guaranteed exclusion of MKPV


RapidEXPANSION™ provides rederivation of your animals at a high commercial grade, Taconic health standard while RapidCHECK™ and RapidRELAY™ do not. While RapidCHECK™ does validate the health status of your animals, both RapidCHECK™ and RapidRELAY™ provide your animals at a specific pathogen-free health status. To ensure delivery without quarantine, please discuss these options as well as our excluded/tolerated pathogen list with your vivarium/veterinarian.

RapidCHECK™ is a 7-week process where Taconic will receive your animals from an international third party vendor; collect samples (fur swab, fur pluck, fecal pellets); perform testing by PCR and OPTI-Spot; and subsequently ship your animals to your vivarium following review and acceptance of testing data.

Once your animals are ready for shipment a member of Taconic's logistics team will reach out to arrange shipment. Should you be unable to receive your animals within 7 days, a weekly holding charge will be assessed until you can take delivery. If you anticipate not being able to take delivery of your animals (e.g., IACUC protocol still under review), please let us know so we can discuss options to ensure your receive your animals as soon as possible without additional fees.

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