Taconic Biosciences' Customer Testimonials

Taconic Biosciences delivers superior value by making its customers the focus of everything it does. From developing the most predictive models to drive key decisions, to custom design and breeding services specifically generated for each specific project, Taconic's expertise, superior products, and unique platforms empower our customers to progress their research further, faster.

Customer Service

What our customers say about our Products:

“We are very pleased to be working with Taconic NOG and hIL-15 NOG mouse models. Our customer experience is very good. We appreciate their flexibility and availability.”

Affimed GmbH


rasH2™ is a thoroughly robust model that provides confidence in carcinogenicity testing and dramatically reduces the timeline, saving both time and money. The reliability and stability of the model provided Taconic, combined with the design improvements, comprehensive nature of the tumor database and published experience of BioReliance, make rasH2™ a dominant and valuable force in carcinogenicity testing.”



“Cergentis is delighted with this collaboration. Taconic is a leading supplier of rodent models and by leveraging both our expertise our common customers are served most effectively.”

Max van Min, CEO at Cergentis


“Taconic Biosciences had provided invaluable support to our course on "Mouse Development, Stem Cells & Cancer". It would be difficult to continue to teach this course at the level we currently do without Taconic's expertise and C57BL/6 mice.”

Cold Spring Harbor


“Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology (EPO) GmbH uses 1st and 2nd generation NOG mice provided by Taconic for its preclinical oncology service. These mice are included in novel concepts for the development of personalized treatment options and especially suited for humanization strategies. We are very satisfied with the quality of mice, the reliability of shipment and the high level of scientific support. Further, we very much appreciate the competent and always friendly communication.”

Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology (EPO) GmbH


“Federation Bio utilizes Taconic's germ-free mouse models to advance our pre-clinical research programs. As an early stage microbiome biotech company, Taconic has been a valuable partner in our pre-clinical research.”

Federation Bio


“Hooke uses the Taconic B6 because we get more consistent disease development for Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis (EAE) then when using mice from other vendors.”

Hooke Laboratories


“Robust, well-validated preclinical models of Parkinson's disease are a necessary tool for understanding the biology and possible treatment of this complex disease. With dedicated project management and technical support, Taconic has been a reliable partner in The Michael J. Fox Foundation's efforts to provide the research community with important, field-enabling pre-clinical models. We look forward to continuing to partner with Taconic for custom model generation projects.”

The Michael J. Fox Foundation


“The MRC Mary Lyon Centre located at MRC Harwell uses Taconic's inbred mouse lines (specifically C57BL/6NTac) to generate and characterize new mouse models for use in individual research projects, including high-throughput international programs and genome editing efforts.”

MRC Harwell


“Working with Taconic has been a great pleasure for Pharmatest. We are impressed with the high-quality services, top-level scientific support, and fast and clear communication. By using humanized mice provided by Taconic, we have been able to establish more predictive animal models to support immuno-oncology therapy development.”

Dr. Jenni Bernoulli, COO at Pharmatest


“Seres relies on Taconic's germ-free mice to study the microbiome and our drug candidates.”

Seres Therapeutics


“Taconic Biosciences has been an invaluable resource for the entire Alzheimer's disease (AD) research community. As an academic researcher that builds animal models of sporadic AD I cannot possibly supply the community's needs for these models, but instead depend on Taconic to fulfill this role. My hope is that as new and improved models become characterized and validated, that the research community at large will supply these models to Taconic to manage and distribute.”

Patrick Sullivan, PhD, Associate Professor of Geriatrics at major university


“Success also is facilitated by the use of foster mice that lactate well and readily accept fostered pups. In our experience, germ-free Swiss Webster mice available from Taconic Biosciences are excellent in these respects, as they routinely wean large litters of vigorous pups and rarely reject fostered pups.”

Schoeb, T. R.; Eaton, K. A. Gnotobiotics;
Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier: London, 2017.


What our customers say about our Services:

“Cure Alzheimer's Fund is working closely with Taconic on our Genes to Therapies program, which supports investigations of gene variants impacting risk of Alzheimer's through funded research and the development of specialized genetically engineered mouse strains. The team at Taconic has provided excellent project management and technical support and are vital partners for the success of a complex project involving many custom strains and academic research labs.”

Cure Alzheimer's Fund


“We are very pleased to add Taconic to our list of licensees as it furthers our goal of making this technology more broadly accessible and Taconic is certainly a globally recognized leader in the animal model field.”

Eric Rhodes, CEO at ERS Genomics


“The Taconic team is experienced, communicative and flexible. From scientific strategy to execution, we thank them for devising such creative and effective ways to complete the contract breeding work critical to advancing our drug development project. We are glad to have partnered with them.”

Lumos Pharma


“Taconic has been a great partner for us. We had previously relied on several other academic institutions for model generation, wasting tens of thousands of dollars and several years, with no success. Since starting our relationship with Taconic, the company has generated a Plk1-KI line that subsequently secured a major grant from the NIH. We are so pleased that we have already placed several additional orders and look forward to working with Taconic for many years to come.”

Xiaoqi Liu, Biochemistry Department at major research institution


“Our collaboration with Taconic was the first time we outsourced conditional knockout production and have been favorably impressed. Taconic's communication from construct design, to validation of the recombination in ES cells, through to the breeding of chimeras and excision of the selection cassette was of exceptional quality and the fact that Taconic uses Southern blotting to interrogate the targeted loci in the ES cells gave us confidence in progressing to the production of chimeras and breeding. Having discovered the joys of outsourcing, I would think hard before trying to make a conditional allele in my lab again.”

David Ron, MD, Professor of Cellular Pathophysiology
and Clinical Biochemistry at major research institution

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