Taconic's Mission

Accelerating Drug Discovery with the Right Research Tools

The right animal model holds endless possibilities for drug discovery and advancements in human health. At Taconic Biosciences,we believe providing our Customers with the best animal model solutions is the most effective way to drive critical research from idea to cure. 

Taconic is a leading provider of animal models and services to researchers all over the world.  Our team of problem solvers is ready to help you accelerate advancements in your research to enable you to find treatments and cures for human and animal diseases. 

Our Values:

  • We believe the right animal model unlocks endless possibilities for scientific discovery. 
  • Our industry leading customer success and project management teams are staffed with PhD scientists work with you to optimize animal model development or selection. 
  • We lead the industry in genetic integrity and advanced health monitoring to deliver exceptional animal quality. 
  • You can select from our comprehensive catalog of translational models targeting neuroscience, immunology oncology and more or design a custom model that meets your individual study needs. 
  • Taconic’s extensive toolkit of products and services is fully licensed, ensuring access to technology and minimizing risk. 

We are thrilled you have joined us and hope you enjoy exploring our capabilities!

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Advancing Human Health 


Taconic's performance-driven culture is based on equal parts transparency and compassion, which we demonstrate in our Customer relationships as well as among our team members. Taconic is more than a vendor — we strive to be an indispensable partner, providing customers with the consultations and solutions that enable animal models to drive drug discovery. 

Providing these solutions begins with our employees, who are the best problem solvers. We encourage our teams to share ideas and deliver on their personal commitments to ensure Customers are delighted. .


Taconic employees all over the world show up every day to deliver the best solutions for our Customers, while caring for ourselves, each other, and especially our animals. It is an honor and privilege to develop and care for research animals and we take animal welfare seriously.   

Taconic was the first provider to earn AALAC accreditation in 1969.  We have maintained accreditation at every location.  Additionally, we comply with local and regional regulations often earning praise from inspectors responsible for overseeing our industry.


Consistent high-quality models create high quality research results for Customers. Our industry leading health monitoring program complimented by our commitment to genetic integrity provides the confidence researchers need to trust their experimental outcomes.  Our focus on continuous improvement and sustainability means we are constantly evolving and improving, making us a preferred supplier in every market we serve. 

Every part of the work we do is a small piece of a larger puzzle — ultimately facilitating drug discovery in key therapeutic areas. 

Taconic is proud to partner with our Customers to provide the best solutions to facilitate advancements in human health.

We Are Models For Life™

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