Estrogen-Related Effects in Breast Cancer Xenograft Models

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Application of CRISPR/Cas-based Technology to the Rapid Generation of Genetically Engineered Mice



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  • Immunogenic peptide from PSF1 identified as potential new cancer vaccine target

    Although much of the press for immuno-oncology (IO) has focused on checkpoint inhibitors, researchers are exploring many other types of IO therapeutics. Other types of IO therapies under development include bi-specific antibodies, CAR-T cells, and cancer vaccines. Researchers at Shionogi and Osaka University recently published... Read more

  • The Effect of Gut Bacteria on Bone Health Cannot be Generalized

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    In a recent Alzheimer's Research and Therapy article, scientists described failing to elicit beneficial effects from a tau-directed antibody therapy while evaluating its efficacy in the Tg4510 mouse, an Alzheimer's disease (AD) model with a tamoxifen-controlled transgene expressing P301L mutant tau. The results contrast prior... Read more

  • Selecting Translatable NASH Animal Models

    The global obesity epidemic has pushed associated liver diseases to the forefront of research, yet no existing animal model of NASH or NAFLD fully recapitulates its clinical presentation. This presents a challenge for effective study design: how do you select the most appropriate and translatable... Read more

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    In a recent webinar, Dr. Benjamin Cuiffo of Biomodels addressed the role of microbiome in preclinical immuno-oncology research. There is growing evidence that microbial imbalance (dysbiosis) is associated with many illnesses, including inflammation, autoimmune disease, and even cancer — but many researchers fail to account... Read more

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