Humanized Mice in Preclinical Immuno-Oncology - Part I

Tuesday, March 27
at 11 a.m. ET

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Taconic White Paper:

Application of CRISPR/Cas-based Technology to the Rapid Generation of Genetically Engineered Mice



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  • Microbiome Cycles Revealed by Low-Cost Gnotobiotic Cages

    While developing a low-cost alternative to traditional gnotobiotic isolators, a team of researchers at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) were able to characterize cyclical changes in the microbiomes of gnotobiotic mice. Their research has implications for both the design and affordability of gnotobiotic animal model... Read more

  • In Vivo Study Design Challenges

    A frankly shocking amount of research funding — perhaps as high as 85%, or $200 billion — is wasted on poorly designed studies. How can you improve your study design to avoid falling into this trend? Each day scientists plan, conduct, analyze and debate study... Read more

  • 'Collaborative Research Organizations' Are Your New CRO

    Over the last two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has faced increasing challenges: declining R&D productivity, rising costs, competition from generics, greater regulatory complexity, and changing expectations of patient-centered healthcare. In response to these pressures, many companies are transforming the way in which medicines are discovered,... Read more

  • Deflating the CRISPR/Cas9 Off-Target Controversy

    The use of CRISPR/Cas9 has profoundly affected mouse genetics by reducing the cost and the timeline associated with the introduction of mutations in the genome. But is it possible that CRISPR isn't specific enough for the generation of genetically engineered animal models? Since its appearance,... Read more

  • Mice with Horse Microbiota Validate Health Promoting Diet for Foals

    Photo courtesy of F. Lindenberg Animal feed retailer Brogaarden recently launched a new prebiotic diet for foals that can reduce the risk of developing conditions such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome and colitis later in life. The diet works by promoting beneficial gut bacteria, such as... Read more

  • The Importance of Long QT Syndrome Research

    April 17, 2002 was a day of record breaking heat in New York State. The day is very clear in my mind for several reasons; it was my last birthday in my 20s, I had just bought my first house (and was taking the week... Read more

  • Immunogenic peptide from PSF1 identified as potential new cancer vaccine target

    Although much of the press for immuno-oncology (IO) has focused on checkpoint inhibitors, researchers are exploring many other types of IO therapeutics. Other types of IO therapies under development include bi-specific antibodies, CAR-T cells, and cancer vaccines. Researchers at Shionogi and Osaka University recently published... Read more

  • The Effect of Gut Bacteria on Bone Health Cannot be Generalized

    Previously, a number of different studies using germ-free (GF) mice have indicated that the gut microbiota regulates bone density. However, the results have been conflicting. Reports demonstrate both beneficial and detrimental effects of the microbiota on bone health. A new study published in mSphere in... Read more