Patient-Derived Xenografts on Humanized Mice

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Application of CRISPR/Cas-based Technology to the Rapid Generation of Genetically Engineered Mice

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  • Webinar review: Patient-Derived Xenografts on Humanized Mice

    Dr. Jens Hoffmann of EPO presented a webinar highlighting new data on preclinical immuno-oncology research using humanized models. The growth in immuno-oncology (IO) research has created a need for more relevant models. The IO field includes many types of drugs, including: genetically engineered immune cells... Read more

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  • Current Liquid Biopsy Landscape

    There are over 1.7 million new cancer diagnoses each year in the US alone1. While recent advances in immuno-oncology and personalized medicine have the potential to decrease cancer deaths, there is still a lack of commonly-used early diagnostic tests to detect the presence of cancer... Read more

  • Rederivation of Mouse Models at Higher Health Statuses

    Rederiving murine research models is the process of transferring embryos from one animal into another which is either germ-free or hosts only specifically identified microbiota. This "resets" the health status of the line, allowing the offspring of mice or rats that were previously infected with... Read more

  • Animal Models in Space Research

    On Wednesday, December 5th, the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket launched to the International Space Station (ISS) carrying 5,600 lbs of supplies; a small portion of which were mice of varying ages2. Animal models have been used in space research since the 1940s, and these ongoing... Read more

  • A Simple Guide to CRISPR

    In the short time since the introduction of CRISPR technology in 1987, it has proved to be a valuable tool. In 2018, there were over 17,000 publications on CRISPR gene editing technology compared to seven years earlier when there were less than 100 publications. The... Read more

  • Effective Communication Improves Quality

    Let's listen in on a hypothetical conversation between a scientist and their procurement department where communication is being used ineffectively: PROCUREMENT OFFICER seated at desk. Enter a SCIENTIST. SCIENTIST: Order me twenty-four B6 mice. Males and Females. Seven weeks of age. PROCUREMENT: (Thinking to themselves)... Read more