Cyclical Bias and Variability in Microbiome Research
Thursday, August 23
at 11 a.m. ET/5 p.m. CET

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  • Smartphones Can Contaminate Laboratory Animal Colonies

    As people increasingly rely on smartphones and tablets, it should come as no surprise that this trend also exists in laboratories. While this is unlikely to pose a problem in your kitchen when using your phone as a cooking timer, there are potential issues associated... Read more

  • Webinar: Estrogen-Related Effects in Breast Cancer Xenograft Models

    Breast cancer xenograft models are often treated with supplemental estrogen, but this can induce a range of adverse effects on immunodeficient mouse models including impaired urinary tract function and skin problems. Failure to control for these strain-dependent effects can seriously impact the reproducibility of preclinical... Read more

  • Book Review: Animal Models for Microbiome Research

    This book is the outcome of Workshop on Animal Models for Microbiome Research: Advancing Basic Science and Translational Research, hosted by the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research (ILAR). Microbiome and germ-free researchers James Fox, Joseph Newsome, Wendy Garrett, Jeffrey Gordon and Vincent Young organized the... Read more

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  • 4 Gut-Brain Axis Publications You May Have Missed

    You may have missed these publications in the recent rush of microbiome and germ-free research news, but researchers are making interesting connections between the gut microbiome and neurological functioning. Four studies examined relationships between the gut microbiome and mood, behavior, disease risk, and development. Prenatal... Read more

  • Evaluating IO Bispecifics with PBMC-Humanized Mice

    Humanized mice engrafted with human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) have become the preclinical workhorses for evaluating bispecific antibodies and other multi-specific, T cell-engaging cancer immunotherapies. PBMC-engrafted models, such as huPBMC-NOG are favored for their relative speed, versatility, affordability, and high level of translational relevance.... Read more

  • New Research on Maintaining Complex Gut Microbiota in Mouse Models

    Figure 1: Experimental design used to generate CD1 mice with four different gut microbiota (GM) profiles. Schematic diagram showing embryo transfer scheme used to rederive CD1 mice to C57BL/6J GMJAX, C67BL/6NTacGMTAC, Crl:CD1GMCRL, and HSD:ICRGMHSD surrogate dams. At maturity, offspring were mated using an outbred mating... Read more

  • Improved Safety in CAR T Cell Therapy

    The fight against cancer has recently improved by enlisting the patient's immune system to battle tumor cells. Administering checkpoint inhibitors, for example, can stop molecules such as PD-1 from interfering with T cell activity and allow T cells to attack cancer cells. Keytruda® (Merck) and... Read more