Preconditioning - Getting Your Animals Ready for Studies

At Taconic Biosciences, our aim is to get your animal model to you ready for study use. Whether you need animals prepared with specialized diets, surgically modified, individually identified, or equipped with telemetry devices, we understand how animals are used and will work with you to develop a solution that is specific to your requirements. The Colony Management Solutions team is ready to help you with any of our preconditioning services.


Available Preconditioning Solutions

  • Special Diet Administration - Animals fed high fat or other diets prior to shipment
  • Microbiome Services - Unique expertise and capabilities to help you with your translational microbiome research
  • Aging - Obtain study animals at the age you request
  • Surgical Services - High-quality surgical modifications for commercial and contract breeding animals, including a myriad of disease models
  • Rodent ID - Multiple methods to identify your animals to best suit your study needs



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