Rodent ID

Animal identification is a vital element in any research project. The identification of an animal is the only link to essential data, such as sex, genotype, and study parameters and results. Animal identification systems also assist with breeding record keeping.

Taconic Biosciences offers dependable and humane solutions for animal identification, keeping your research moving further, faster. With many options for identification including ear tags, tattoos, and microchips, Taconic offers the solution your studies need.

Some things to consider when choosing an identification method:
  • Preference for visual or electronic read
  • Number of unique identification numbers required
  • Length of study
  • Housing requirements and recombining
  • Age and animal characteristics
  • Equipment and training needs
Taconic Ear Punch Metal Ear Tag Tattoo Light Activated Chip 2D Barcode Eartag RFID
Application Method Handheld Applicator Handheld Applicator Handheld Applicator 21 Gauge Injector Handheld Applicator Syringe
Applied Externally Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Visual Read Yes Yes Yes No Yes (5 colors) No
Electronic Read/Capture No No No Yes Yes Yes
Number of Digits N/A 3 3 10 6 10
Unique Numbers 15 999 46,656 1 billion 6 million 1 billion
User Defined ID Number Yes No Yes No No No
Location of ID device or tattoo Ear Ear Tail Tail Ear Mid dorsal
Minimum age of insert or application 21 days 21 days 5 days 14 21 days 21 days
Compatibility with imaging technology (MRI, X-ray) All No All All Yes (MRI) No
Can be easily removed and replaced No Yes No No Yes No
Supplier pharmaseq rapidlab

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