Surgical Models and Services

Part of Taconic Biosciences’ commitment to providing exactly what our clients need includes a complete array of surgical services, including cannulations and surgical models. With a highly trained surgical team directly overseen by a ACLAM board-certified veterinarian, we adhere to high ethical and quality standards.

  • All surgical procedures are performed by highly trained surgeons with oversight by ACLAM board-certified veterinary staff
    • Surgical staff is certified through professional organizations including the AALAS and the Academy of Surgical Research
    • Quality metrics are regularly monitored for each surgeon
  • Anesthetic and analgesic use is reviewed by Taconic's IACUC and veterinary staff
  • Each animal is monitored daily to assure complete recovery prior to shipment
  • Only animals meeting specifications are shipped
  • Quality metrics for procedures are continuously reviewed to drive reductions in animal numbers and to refine practices
  • If you’re looking for cannulations, more information can be found on our Cannulations page.
  • If you’re looking for surgical models, more information can be found on our Surgical Models page.

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