Special Diet Administration

For researchers who require animals that are fed custom diets, such as high fat, high cholesterol, or high sodium, Taconic Biosciences can help. Whether you are using your own model or one of our commercially available models, our dedicated project management team can work with you to design a project that meets your specifications. We can even collect data, such as blood pressure, weight, glucose, or other parameters. At the end of the study, we'll ship you the mice, the collected data, or both.

If you need C57BL/6NTac male mice on a 60% kcal, high-fat irradiated diet (the Research Diets industry standard D12492 feed), then there's no need to wait to get your study started - we maintain a ready supply of these models.

Diet Conditioning: Taconic also offers diet conditioning as part of its Colony Management Solutions portfolio. Irradiated diets are approved for use in all MPF (TM) colony management barriers.

Benefits include:

  • Lower cage costs
  • Health testing is included
  • Helps preserve the value of rederivation

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