Diet Induced Obese (DIO) B6

This model is impacted by a newly discovered spontaneous mutation in the Thyroglobulin (Tg) gene. It will be removed over time through selective breeding. See the Fact Sheet for more information.

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  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • DIO-B6-M
Taconic Biosciences maintains an inventory of C57BL/6NTac male mice on 60% kcal high fat irradiated diet. Taconic uses Research Diets industry standard high fat rodent diet, D12492. C57BL/6NTac males are put on special diet at 6 weeks of age and housed at reduced density. Control males are housed in the same location, also at reduced density, and are fed NIH-31M diet Control males can also be generated using a low fat purified diet upon request.

DIO mice in transit for an extended period of time (more than 48 hours) can lose 20-25% of their body weight and reach a new weight set point, making them resistant to high fat diet when they arrive. Taconic will only ship mice that have previously responded to DIO, but due to this known phenotype we suggest ordering an additional 5-10% in order to make sure you have a sufficient number of animals for your study.

Animal Diet: DIO-B6-M get D12942 and B6-DIOCONTROL-M get NIH #31M Rodent Diet.

Custom Diet Conditioning: Taconic also offers custom diet conditioning for any commercial or customer-provided strain as part of its Colony Management Solutions portfolio.





Taconic cannot accept orders by weight for this model.

DIO mice are placed on high fat diet (D12492) starting at 6 weeks and are packed within a 10 gram maximum weight span. Controls are fed NIH31-M. We are not able to take DIO orders by weight, but can assist in selecting an appropriate age to meet your weight requirement. All DIO mice will meet the above specifications at the time of packing. Acclimation time needed to regain weight lost in transit can be from 48 hours for shipments of less than 48 hours up to 2 weeks for animals that are more than 3 days in transit.

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Weeks of Age Weeks on Diet
7 1
8 2
9 3
10 4
11 5
12 6
13 7
14 8
15 9
16 10
17 11
18 12
19 13
20 14
21 15
22 16
23 17
24 18
25 19
26 20
Metabolic parameters in Taconic's Diet Induced Obese (DIO) B6 mouse
Figure 1: Metabolic parameters in Taconic's Diet Induced Obese (DIO) B6 mouse. Insulin, fasted blood glucose and HOMA-IR in DIO B6 compared to wild type C57BL/6NTac controls (A-C) or for DIO B6 at two different longitudinal timepoints (D-F). Insulin sensitivity assessed after an acclimation period. Animals were fasted for 5-6 h. After fast, blood glucose levels taken via tail nick with One Touch glucometer. Immediately, extra blood collected for insulin ELISA. Blood was collected in EDTA-coated microvette tubes (Fisher # NC9041302). Ultra Sensitive Mouse Insulin Kit from Crystal Chem (#90080) used to perform insulin ELISA, with protocol followed according to manufacturer's instructions. Data provided by an anonymous biopharmaceutical company.

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