Round Up: Top 5 Insights from the Summer 2018

Round Up: Top 5 Insights from the Summer 2018 Here's our recap of the top Insight posts from the summer you might have missed!

1. Translational Microbiome Infographic

Are you beginning your studies in the Microbiome and don't know where to start? Download and print out the Translational Microbiome at a Glance Infographic to give you a quick reference into this valuable area of research — Find out more!

2. New PBMC-Humanized Mice Support Efficient NK-Cell Engraftment

Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) engrafted mice are great tools that could be improved if they supported human NK cells. Scientists from Experimental Pharmacology & Oncology and Taconic Biosciences collaborated to determine whether hIL-2 NOG and/or hIL-15 NOG could support NK cells from human PBMCs.

Review the Taconic Biosciences' Insight, New PBMC-humanized Mice Support Efficient NK-cell Engraftment.

3. Limitations of Feces as a Proxy for Gut Microbiota

The gut microbiota can be influenced by a number of factors including diet, stress, circadian rhythm — which all may be a contributing factor to the lack of reproducibility between institutions. Researchers at the University of Missouri subjected a number of outbred mice to different husbandry conditions including cage type, bedding materials, and chow diet.

View the entire Insight — their study findings may surprise you.

4. Improved Safety in CAR T Cell Therapy

CAR T Cell Therapy transforms a patient's immune cells into a cancer fighting "machine". Ongoing efforts to regulate a possibly fatal side effect may dramatically improve the safety of CAR T cell therapies. Learn more about the developments in CAR T Cell Therapy.

5. Evaluating IO Bispecifics with PBMC-Humanized Mice

In this Insight the advantages and disadvantages of using PBMC-engrafted humanized mice in preclinical evaluations of T cell-engaging, bispecific/multispecific cancer immunotherapies are discussed. Review a representative study using real data from late-preclinical and clinical-stage therapies evaluating PBMC-engrafted mice, ideal for any preclinical researcher working on in vivo bispecific studies.

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