On-Demand Webinar: Veterinary Care of Germ-free Mice and Rats

Presented by:

Tamara L. Goode, DVM, MS, DACLAM

Download the presentation slides.


This webinar provided an overview of veterinary care of germ-free mice and rats. This included relevant information related to common biology and disease conditions of the germ-free rodent. The webinar also highlighted relevant regulatory guidelines for care and use of germ-free rodents (including important considerations in maintaining germ-free rodents under the new Guide for Care and Use of Laboratory Rodents or "The Guide").

More about Tamara Goode

Dr. Tamara L. Goode is the Associate Director of Veterinary Sciences for Taconic. She has over 19 years experience in managing veterinary care programs in academic, pharmaceutical, contract research, and breeding industries. She currently serves as Attending Veterinarian, responsible for management and oversight of Veterinary Science operations for AAALACi-accredited rodent facilities in Germantown, NY and Rockville, MD. In addition she provides consultation and direct veterinary, technical, regulatory, and research support to Taconic rodent breeding operations. Her areas of expertise include animal model development, rodent surgical facility design, genetically engineered rodents, health surveillance, AAALACi preparation, and development and execution of laboratory animal training programs.

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