On-Demand Webinar: Genetic Background Characterization and Stabilization in Genetically Modified Models

Presented by:

Ana Perez, PhD - Taconic, Global Director of Genetics

Download the presentation slides.


When characterizing animal models, it is critical to know the strain background in which the genetic modification is being expressed. In many instances the severity of the phenotype of a model could change depending upon the strain background used. Examples of phenotypic variation due to strain backgrounds were presented as well as substrain background differences. Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analyses were presented as a way to characterize and stabilize genetic background and as a way to efficiently transfer a mutation to any background strain by using speed congenics.

More about Dr. Ana Perez

Dr. Perez is responsible for defining global genetic corporate policies. She is also involved on oversight of the genetic monitoring program and breeding strategies to ensure the preservation of genetic quality on commercial and custom breeding services projects. She works closely with Taconic's Molecular Analysis Laboratory in defining testing platforms and successful execution of genetic testing such as genotyping and genetic background testing.

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