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deLuca LE, et al.
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deLuca LE, Pikor NB, O'Leary J, Galicia-Rosas G, Ward LA, Defreitas D, Finlay TM, Ousman SS, Osborne LR, Gommerman JL
(2010) Substrain differences reveal novel disease-modifying gene candidates that alter the clinical course of a rodent model of multiple sclerosis. J. Immunol. 184(6):3174-85
Matsubara S, et al.
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Matsubara S, Kitaguchi T, Kawata A, Miyamoto K, Yagi H, Hirai S
(2001) Experimental allergic myositis in SJL/J mouse. Reappraisal of immune reaction based on changes after single immunization. J. Neuroimmunol. 119(2):223-30
Leriche-Guérin K, et al.
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Leriche-Guérin K, Anderson LV, Wrogemann K, Roy B, Goulet M, Tremblay JP
(2002) Dysferlin expression after normal myoblast transplantation in SCID and in SJL mice. Neuromuscul. Disord. 12(2):167-73
Kostek CA, et al.
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Kostek CA, Dominov JA, Miller JB
(2002) Up-regulation of MHC class I expression accompanies but is not required for spontaneous myopathy in dysferlin-deficient SJL/J mice. Am. J. Pathol. 160(3):833-9
Bothe GW, et al.
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Bothe GW, Bolivar VJ, Vedder MJ, Geistfeld JG
(2005) Behavioral differences among fourteen inbred mouse strains commonly used as disease models. Comp. Med. 55(4):326-34