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Sasaki T, et al.
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Sasaki T, Moro K, Kubota T, Kubota N, Kato T, Ohno H, Nakae S, Saito H, Koyasu S
(2019) Innate Lymphoid Cells in the Induction of Obesity. Cell Rep 28(1):202-217.e7
Nishi RA, et al.
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Nishi RA, Badner A, Hooshmand MJ, Creasman DA, Liu H, Anderson AJ
(2020) The effects of mouse strain and age on a model of unilateral cervical contusion spinal cord injury. PLoS ONE 15(6):e0234245
Bauché D, et al.
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Bauché D, Joyce-Shaikh B, Fong J, Villarino AV, Ku KS, Jain R, Lee YC, Annamalai L, Yearley JH, Cua DJ
(2020) IL-23 and IL-2 activation of STAT5 is required for optimal IL-22 production in ILC3s during colitis. Sci Immunol 5(46)
Frisbee AL, et al.
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Frisbee AL, Saleh MM, Young MK, Leslie JL, Simpson ME, Abhyankar MM, Cowardin CA, Ma JZ, Pramoonjago P, Turner SD, Liou AP, Buonomo EL, Petri WA
(2019) IL-33 drives group 2 innate lymphoid cell-mediated protection during Clostridium difficile infection. Nat Commun 10(1):2712
Immunology, Infectious Disease, Inflammation
Niogret C, et al.
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Niogret C, Miah SMS, Rota G, Fonta NP, Wang H, Held W, Birchmeier W, Sexl V, Yang W, Vivier E, Ho PC, Brossay L, Guarda G
(2019) Shp-2 is critical for ERK and metabolic engagement downstream of IL-15 receptor in NK cells. Nat Commun 10(1):1444
Heung LJ, et al.
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Heung LJ, Hohl TM
(2019) Inflammatory monocytes are detrimental to the host immune response during acute infection with Cryptococcus neoformans. PLoS Pathog. 15(3):e1007627
Immunology, Infectious Disease
Irudayaswamy A, et al.
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Irudayaswamy A, Muthiah M, Zhou L, Hung H, Jumat NHB, Haque J, Teoh N, Farrell G, Riehle KJ, Lin JS, Su LL, Chan JK, Choolani M, Wong PC, Wee A, Lim SG, Campbell J, Fausto N, Dan YY
(2018) Long-Term Fate of Human Fetal Liver Progenitor Cells Transplanted in Injured Mouse Livers. Stem Cells 36(1):103-113
Stem Cells/Regenerative Medicine/Tissue Engineering, Regeneration Of Human Tissue, Gene/Cell therapy
Cao X, et al.
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Cao X, Shores EW, Hu-Li J, Anver MR, Kelsall BL, Russell SM, Drago J, Noguchi M, Grinberg A, Bloom ET
(1995) Defective lymphoid development in mice lacking expression of the common cytokine receptor gamma chain. Immunity 2(3):223-38
Greenberg PD, et al.
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Greenberg PD, Riddell SR
(1999) Deficient cellular immunity--finding and fixing the defects. Science 285(5427):546-51
Garcia S, et al.
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Garcia S, DiSanto J, Stockinger B
(1999) Following the development of a CD4 T cell response in vivo: from activation to memory formation. Immunity 11(2):163-71
Shinkai Y, et al.
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Shinkai Y, Rathbun G, Lam KP, Oltz EM, Stewart V, Mendelsohn M, Charron J, Datta M, Young F, Stall AM
(1992) RAG-2-deficient mice lack mature lymphocytes owing to inability to initiate V(D)J rearrangement. Cell 68(5):855-67
Wang P, et al.
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Wang P, Yang L, Bailey L, Baltimore D
(2006) Targeting lentiviral vectors to specific cell types in vivo Proc Nat Acad Sci USA. 103(31):11479-11484
Sun B, et al.
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Sun B, Chen M, Hawks CL, Pereira-Smith OM, Hornsby PJ
(2005) The minimal set of genetic alterations required for conversion of primary human fibroblasts to cancer cells in the subrenal capsule assay. Neoplasia 7(6):585-93
Oliveira SA, et al.
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Oliveira SA, Shenk TE
(2001) Murine cytomegalovirus M78 protein, a G protein-coupled receptor homologue, is a constituent of the virion and facilitates accumulation of immediate-early viral mRNA Proc Nat Acad Sci USA. 98(6):3237-3242
Bendelac A, et al.
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Bendelac A, Lee P, Oliveira SA, Park SH, Shenk TE
(2002) Murine Cytomegalovirus m02 Gene Family Protects against Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Immune Surveillance J Virol. 76(2):885-894
Johnson LL
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Johnson LL
(1991) Evidence against suppressor cell involvement in naturally acquired tolerance of a minor histocompatibility antigen. Transplantation 51(6):1267-71
Ashkar AA, et al.
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Ashkar AA, Rosenthal KL, Gill N
(2005) NK and NKT Cell-Independent Contribution of Interleukin-15 to Innate Protection against Mucosal Viral Infection J Virol. 79(7):4470-4478
Glimcher LH, et al.
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Glimcher LH, Erlebacher A, Zhang D, Parlow AF
(2004) Ovarian insufficiency and early pregnancy loss induced by activation of the innate immune system J Clin Invest. 114(1):39-48
Glimcher LH, et al.
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Glimcher LH, Erlebacher A, Lukens AK
(2002) Intrinsic susceptibility of mouse trophoblasts to natural killer cell-mediated attack invivo Proc Nat Acad Sci USA. 99(26):16940-16945
Dan YY, et al.
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Dan YY, Riehle KJ, Lazaro C, Teoh N, Haque J, Campbell JS, Fausto N
(2006) Isolation of multipotent progenitor cells from human fetal liver capable of differentiating into liver and mesenchymal lineages Proc Nat Acad Sci USA. 103(26):9912-9917
Chan WF, et al.
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Chan WF, Perez-Diez A, Razavy H, Anderson CC
(2007) The ability of natural tolerance to be applied to allogeneic tissue: determinants and limits. Biol. Direct 2:10
Liu D, et al.
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Liu D, Hornsby PJ
(2007) Fibroblast stimulation of blood vessel development and cancer cell invasion in a subrenal capsule xenograft model: stress-induced premature senescence does not increase effect. Neoplasia 9(5):418-26

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