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Ramakrishna C, et al.
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Ramakrishna C, Kujawski M, Chu H, Li L, Mazmanian SK, Cantin EM
(2019) Bacteroides fragilis polysaccharide A induces IL-10 secreting B and T cells that prevent viral encephalitis. Nat Commun 10(1):2153
Infectious Disease, Inflammation, Microbiome
Davidson NJ, et al.
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Davidson NJ, Leach MW, Fort MM, Thompson-Snipes L, Kühn R, Müller W, Berg DJ, Rennick DM
(1996) T helper cell 1-type CD4+ T cells, but not B cells, mediate colitis in interleukin 10-deficient mice. J. Exp. Med. 184(1):241-51
Simpson SJ, et al.
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Simpson SJ, Shah S, Comiskey M, de Jong YP, Wang B, Mizoguchi E, Bhan AK, Terhorst C
(1998) T cell-mediated pathology in two models of experimental colitis depends predominantly on the interleukin 12/Signal transducer and activator of transcription (Stat)-4 pathway, but is not conditional on interferon gamma expression by T cells. J. Exp. Med. 187(8):1225-34
Laubitz D, et al.
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Laubitz D, Harrison CA, Midura-Kiela MT, Ramalingam R, Larmonier CB, Chase JH, Caporaso JG, Besselsen DG, Ghishan FK, Kiela PR
(2016) Reduced Epithelial Na+/H+ Exchange Drives Gut Microbial Dysbiosis and Promotes Inflammatory Response in T Cell-Mediated Murine Colitis. PLoS ONE 11(4):e0152044
Shinkai Y, et al.
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Shinkai Y, Rathbun G, Lam KP, Oltz EM, Stewart V, Mendelsohn M, Charron J, Datta M, Young F, Stall AM
(1992) RAG-2-deficient mice lack mature lymphocytes owing to inability to initiate V(D)J rearrangement. Cell 68(5):855-67
Wahrenbrock M, et al.
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Wahrenbrock M, Borsig L, Le D, Varki N, Varki A
(2003) Selectin-mucin interactions as a probable molecular explanation for the association of Trousseau syndrome with mucinous adenocarcinomas. J. Clin. Invest. 112(6):853-62
Borsig L, et al.
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Borsig L, Wong R, Hynes RO, Varki NM, Varki A
(2002) Synergistic effects of L- and P-selectin in facilitating tumor metastasis can involve non-mucin ligands and implicate leukocytes as enhancers of metastasis. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 99(4):2193-8
Halford WP, et al.
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Halford WP, Maender JL, Gebhardt BM
(2005) Re-evaluating the role of natural killer cells in innate resistance to herpes simplex virus type 1. Virol. J. 2:56
Zhang K, et al.
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Zhang K, Wong HN, Song B, Miller CN, Scheuner D, Kaufman RJ
(2005) The unfolded protein response sensor IRE1alpha is required at 2 distinct steps in B cell lymphopoiesis. J. Clin. Invest. 115(2):268-81
T And/Or B Cell Function
Yang L, et al.
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Yang L, Bailey L, Baltimore D, Wang P
(2006) Targeting lentiviral vectors to specific cell types in vivo. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 103(31):11479-84
Liu D, et al.
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Liu D, Hornsby PJ
(2007) Fibroblast stimulation of blood vessel development and cancer cell invasion in a subrenal capsule xenograft model: stress-induced premature senescence does not increase effect. Neoplasia 9(5):418-26
Iritani BM, et al.
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Iritani BM, Delrow J, Grandori C, Gomez I, Klacking M, Carlos LS, Eisenman RN
(2002) Modulation of T-lymphocyte development, growth and cell size by the Myc antagonist and transcriptional repressor Mad1. EMBO J. 21(18):4820-30
Gill N, et al.
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Gill N, Rosenthal KL, Ashkar AA
(2005) NK and NKT cell-independent contribution of interleukin-15 to innate protection against mucosal viral infection. J. Virol. 79(7):4470-8
Dandekar AA, et al.
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Dandekar AA, Anghelina D, Perlman S
(2004) Bystander CD8 T-cell-mediated demyelination is interferon-gamma-dependent in a coronavirus model of multiple sclerosis. Am. J. Pathol. 164(2):363-9
T And/Or B Cell Function
Looney MR, et al.
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Looney MR, Su X, Van Ziffle JA, Lowell CA, Matthay MA
(2006) Neutrophils and their Fc gamma receptors are essential in a mouse model of transfusion-related acute lung injury. J. Clin. Invest. 116(6):1615-23
Pulmanausahakul R, et al.
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Pulmanausahakul R, Faber M, Morimoto K, Spitsin S, Weihe E, Hooper DC, Schnell MJ, Dietzschold B
(2001) Overexpression of cytochrome C by a recombinant rabies virus attenuates pathogenicity and enhances antiviral immunity. J. Virol. 75(22):10800-7

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