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Volta M, et al.
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Volta M, Beccano-Kelly DA, Paschall SA, Cataldi S, MacIsaac SE, Kuhlmann N, Kadgien CA, Tatarnikov I, Fox J, Khinda J, Mitchell E, Bergeron S, Melrose H, Farrer MJ, Milnerwood AJ
(2017) Initial elevations in glutamate and dopamine neurotransmission decline with age, as does exploratory behavior, in LRRK2 G2019S knock-in mice. Elife 6
Matikainen-Ankney BA, et al.
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Matikainen-Ankney BA, Kezunovic N, Mesias RE, Tian Y, Williams FM, Huntley GW, Benson DL
(2016) Altered Development of Synapse Structure and Function in Striatum Caused by Parkinson's Disease-Linked LRRK2-G2019S Mutation. J. Neurosci. 36(27):7128-41

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