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Sasaki K, et al.
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Sasaki K, Himeno A, Nakagawa T, Sasaki Y, Kiyonari H, Iwai K
(2019) Modulation of autoimmune pathogenesis by T cell-triggered inflammatory cell death. Nat Commun 10(1):3878
Autoimmune, T And/Or B Cell Function, Inflammation
Lee PP, et al.
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Lee PP, Fitzpatrick DR, Beard C, Jessup HK, Lehar S, Makar KW, Pérez-Melgosa M, Sweetser MT, Schlissel MS, Nguyen S, Cherry SR, Tsai JH, Tucker SM, Weaver WM, Kelso A, Jaenisch R, Wilson CB
(2001) A critical role for Dnmt1 and DNA methylation in T cell development, function, and survival. Immunity 15(5):763-74
T And/Or B Cell Function

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