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Kemble JV
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Kemble JV
(1975) PH changes on the surface of burns. Br J Plast Surg 28(3):181-4
Sandberg M, et al.
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Sandberg M, Hassett C, Adman ET, Meijer J, Omiecinski CJ
(2000) Identification and functional characterization of human soluble epoxide hydrolase genetic polymorphisms. J. Biol. Chem. 275(37):28873-81
Mullen RT, et al.
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Mullen RT, Trelease RN, Duerk H, Arand M, Hammock BD, Oesch F, Grant DF
(1999) Differential subcellular localization of endogenous and transfected soluble epoxide hydrolase in mammalian cells: evidence for isozyme variants. FEBS Lett. 445(2-3):301-5
Marcus RC, et al.
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Marcus RC, Gale NW, Morrison ME, Mason CA, Yancopoulos GD
(1996) Eph family receptors and their ligands distribute in opposing gradients in the developing mouse retina. Dev. Biol. 180(2):786-9
Grant DF, et al.
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Grant DF, Spearow JL, Storms DH, Edelhoff S, Adler DA, Disteche CM, Taylor BA, Hammock BD
(1994) Chromosomal mapping and expression levels of a mouse soluble epoxide hydrolase gene. Pharmacogenetics 4(2):64-72
Simmons DL, et al.
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Simmons DL, Lalley PA, Kasper CB
(1985) Chromosomal assignments of genes coding for components of the mixed-function oxidase system in mice. Genetic localization of the cytochrome P-450PCN and P-450PB gene families and the nadph-cytochrome P-450 oxidoreductase and epoxide hydratase genes. J. Biol. Chem. 260(1):515-21

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