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Wang H, et al.
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Wang H, Kuusela S, Rinnankoski-Tuikka R, Dumont V, Bouslama R, Ramadan UA, Waaler J, Linden AM, Chi NW, Krauss S, Pirinen E, Lehtonen S
(2020) Tankyrase inhibition ameliorates lipid disorder via suppression of PGC-1α PARylation in db/db mice. Int J Obes (Lond)
Yoon JW, et al.
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Yoon JW, Leiter EH, Coleman DL, Kim MK, Pak CY, McArthur RG, Roncari DA
(1988) Genetic control of organ-reactive autoantibody production in mice by obesity (ob) diabetes (db) genes. Diabetes 37(9):1287-93
Yamashita H, et al.
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Yamashita H, Shao J, Qiao L, Pagliassotti M, Friedman JE
(2003) Effect of spontaneous gestational diabetes on fetal and postnatal hepatic insulin resistance in Lepr(db/+) mice. Pediatr. Res. 53(3):411-8
Timmers KI, et al.
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Timmers KI, Palkovits M, Coleman DL
(1990) Unique alterations of neuropeptide content in median eminence, amygdala, and dorsal vagal complex of 3- and 6-week-old diabetes mutant mice. Metab. Clin. Exp. 39(11):1158-66
Timmers K, et al.
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Timmers K, Coleman DL, Voyles NR, Powell AM, Rökaeus A, Recant L
(1990) Neuropeptide content in pancreas and pituitary of obese and diabetes mutant mice: strain and sex differences. Metab. Clin. Exp. 39(4):378-83
Susztak K, et al.
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Susztak K, Ciccone E, McCue P, Sharma K, Böttinger EP
(2005) Multiple metabolic hits converge on CD36 as novel mediator of tubular epithelial apoptosis in diabetic nephropathy. PLoS Med. 2(2):e45
Saaristo A, et al.
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Saaristo A, Tammela T, Farkkilā A, Kärkkäinen M, Suominen E, Yla-Herttuala S, Alitalo K
(2006) Vascular endothelial growth factor-C accelerates diabetic wound healing. Am. J. Pathol. 169(3):1080-7
Nonomura T, et al.
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Nonomura T, Tsuchida A, Ono-Kishino M, Nakagawa T, Taiji M, Noguchi H
(2001) Brain-derived neurotrophic factor regulates energy expenditure through the central nervous system in obese diabetic mice. Int. J. Exp. Diabetes Res. 2(3):201-9
Nagakura T, et al.
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Nagakura T, Yasuda N, Yamazaki K, Ikuta H, Tanaka I
(2003) Enteroinsular axis of db/db mice and efficacy of dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibition. Metab. Clin. Exp. 52(1):81-6
Mastropaolo MD, et al.
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Mastropaolo MD, Evans NP, Byrnes MK, Stevens AM, Robertson JL, Melville SB
(2005) Synergy in polymicrobial infections in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes. Infect. Immun. 73(9):6055-63
Madiehe AM, et al.
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Madiehe AM, Mitchell TD, Harris RB
(2003) Hyperleptinemia and reduced TNF-alpha secretion cause resistance of db/db mice to endotoxin. Am. J. Physiol. Regul. Integr. Comp. Physiol. 284(3):R763-70
Halseth AE, et al.
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Halseth AE, Ensor NJ, White TA, Ross SA, Gulve EA
(2002) Acute and chronic treatment of ob/ob and db/db mice with AICAR decreases blood glucose concentrations. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 294(4):798-805
Clodfelder-Miller B, et al.
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Clodfelder-Miller B, De Sarno P, Zmijewska AA, Song L, Jope RS
(2005) Physiological and pathological changes in glucose regulate brain Akt and glycogen synthase kinase-3. J. Biol. Chem. 280(48):39723-31
Coleman DL, et al.
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Coleman DL, Kuzava JE, Leiter EH
(1990) Effect of diet on incidence of diabetes in nonobese diabetic mice. Diabetes 39(4):432-6
Bégin-Heick N, et al.
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Bégin-Heick N, Coleman DL
(1988) Effect of the genetic background and specific mutation on adenylate cyclase activity in obesity syndromes. Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 59(3):171-8
Aasum E, et al.
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Aasum E, Hafstad AD, Severson DL, Larsen TS
(2003) Age-dependent changes in metabolism, contractile function, and ischemic sensitivity in hearts from db/db mice. Diabetes 52(2):434-41
Heiker JT, et al.
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Heiker JT, Klöting N, Kovacs P, Kuettner EB, Sträter N, Schultz S, Kern M, Stumvoll M, Blüher M, Beck-Sickinger AG
(2013) Vaspin inhibits kallikrein 7 by serpin mechanism. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 70(14):2569-83

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