Sort1 - Model 10720 - TTG

Targeted Transgenic

Cryopreserved Model
This line is cryopreserved and requires cryorecovery.

C57BL/6 Background

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  • 10720
    C57BL/6-Gt(ROSA)26Sortm1 mrl
  • The targeting vector has been transfected into the TaconicArtemis C57BL/6NTac ES cell line.
  • The following elements have been inserted into the ROSA26 locus:

    • A CAG promoter cassette (containing a cytomegalovirus early enhancer element, a chicken beta-actin promoter and an adenovirus intron).
    • The Sort1 open reading frame (based on NCBI transcript NM_019972_2).
    • A synthetic polyadenylation signal.
    • A Neomycin resistance (NeoR) cassette containing a polyadenylation signal and lacking a translation initiation codon.

  • The constitutive TTG line has been generated by crossing chimeras to C57BL/6NTac animals.
  • The SORT1 protein is expressed under the control of the CAG promoter.
  • The presence of the NeoR cassette terminates the transcription from the ROSA26 promoter.
  • Line has poor viability and reproductivity.
  • Datamining and Design performed in 2009.

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Cryopreserved at Taconic



Official Gene Name:

sortilin 1

Customers may purchase this model by signing the appropriate Terms of Sale (below) and providing a PO. The GEM Collection Commercial and Academic Terms of Sale grant perpetual use rights.
GEM Collection models exist as cryopreserved materials. Models can typically be recovered and delivered to customers within 14-16 weeks after order receipt. Customers will receive:

  • A minimum of four (4) mice mutant for the selected mutation. In rare cases where the cryopreserved material also contains a recombinase gene, this may be reduced to 1-2 mutant mice.
  • Validated genotyping protocols
  • Animal health report. Mice will meet Taconic's Murine Pathogen Free™ (MPF™) health standard.

Please note that in rare instances (2%) cryorecovery may prove to be difficult, either extending timeline or ultimately successful recovery.

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