Floxed Jagged1 Mouse

Conditional Knockout

Floxed Jagged1 Conditional Knockout Mouse Model
This line is cryopreserved and requires cryorecovery.

129;C57BL/6 Background

  • Model #
  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • 14090-F
  • 14090-M
  • May be used to generate constitutive or conditional knockouts of the Jagged 1 gene by crossing to the cre line of choice.
  • The conditional Jag1 knockout is useful for in vivo studies focused on tissue specific Jag1 knockouts.
  • This line can also be used to study Notch signaling.

Genetic Background:



The Jagged 1 conditional knockout was developed in the laboratory of Julian Lewis at the London Research Institute. A Jagged 1 targeting vector, containing a loxP flanked resistance cassette before exon 4 and a loxP site inserted after exon 5, was transfected into 129 ES cells. Properly targeted ES cells were transfected with a Cre expression vector to excise the resistance cassette, and injected into a C57BL6 blastocyst. Chimeric offspring were mated on a C57BL6 background. Taconic received embryos from CRT in 2015.


Cancer Research Technology (CRT)



Initial Publication:

Brooker et al. 2006. Notch ligands with contrasting functions: Jagged1 and Delta1 in the mouse inner ear. Development. 133:1277-86.

Access to this model requires execution of a Limited Breeding Agreement and cryorecovery services to recover the line. Current Limited Breeding Agreement fees for this model are $3,000/€2550 per year for non-profit users and $10,000/€8500 per year for for-profit users. Cryorecovery fees are additional.

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