Taconic Germ Free Production

The Germ Free (GF) Health Standard

Taconic has been producing germ-free rodents since the 1960's. Taconic has defined the Germ Free (GF) health standardas follows: no detectable organisms (viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi) are present. Germ-free mice are produced in gnotobiotic flexible film isolators with open top cages. All materials entering the isolator are steam sterilized.

Verification of Germ Free status

The microbiological status of germ-free animals is verified through two separate methods.

Each Germ Free isolator is tested via the IHMS™ health testing system for a list of defined viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and parasites. This testing is quarterly, semiannual or annual depending on the agent.

Ancillary microbial monitoring of the isolator environment is designed to identify possible contamination of Germ Free isolators. Each isolator is tested weekly via culture for all aerobic and anaerobic organisms. One pooled sample is generated per isolator; the sample is sourced from animals (feces) and environment (feed, water, isolator surfaces, etc.). Please contact Taconic if you would like further details on this testing.

No shipments are made from a Germ Free isolator until there are a minimum of six consecutive weeks of negative culture results as well as an IHMS™ health report.

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