The Taconic-Cyagen Academic Model Generation Alliance

Developed specifically for academic researchers, the Taconic-Cyagen Academic Model Generation Alliance (The Alliance) has capabilities to ensure the success of any project. The Alliance provides specially-tailored products and services for the academic and non-profit markets. By leveraging Taconic Biosciences' 65+ years of rodent model experience and Cyagen Biosciences' streamlined processes and competitive pricing, we can provide customers with the best and most competitive solutions for their projects.

The Complete Solution

At Taconic Biosciences, we understand the complexity of custom model generation and the importance of maintaining quality standards. The development of The Alliance has come from the need to provide non-profit researchers with reliable model generation services that are tailored to non-profit budget constraints and address the challenges arising from post-model import quarantine. Explore both our capabilities and flexible import and delivery options below:

Integration from Start to Finish

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Fast Project Scoping

The Alliance can leverage AI-powered processes to generate quotes for your project in as quickly as 2 business days.
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Cost Effective, Guaranteed Model Generation

Each project with The Alliance comes with the added confidence of a guaranteed deliverable to facilitate discovery. We are also aware of the budgetary constraints non-profit researchers may face and aim to maximize the value of each project.
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Comprehensive Capabilities

The Alliance provides researchers with access to a comprehensive toolkit of technologies, including but not limited to: CRISPR/Cas9, transgenic technology, PiggyBac, and embryonic stem cell (ESC)-based homologous recombination (HR).
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Flexible Delivery Options

With a variety of delivery and rederivation options, The Alliance can deliver your model to your vivarium without the need for quarantine no matter your vivarium's restrictions*.
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Access to Accelerated Timelines

With the ability to rapidly generate age matched cohorts of 20-40+ animals at any Taconic health standard, The Alliance can drastically reduce time spent on conventional breeding strategies.

Turn-key Experience From Design to Delivery

Seamless Integration Meets Flexible Solutions for Optimizing Your Research

two people talking You first meet with your Taconic partner to present your ideas for a genetically engineered model. We then return with a complete design and proposal. Taconic's model design specialists are also available for consultation. Once we are aligned on the best solution, we are ready when you are to move forward with your project.
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hand carrying petri dish Your model is generated at Cyagen's facilities with project updates being provided directly by your Cyagen project manager. Your Cyagen project manager will serve as your point of contact ensuring you have direct communication during model generation.
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image conveying Cyagen and Taconic Alliance Once your model is completed, your model will ship from Cyagen to Taconic's facilities where it will then undergo one of three customer selected options: RapidRELAY™, RapidCHECK™, or RapidEXPANSION™, depending on your requirements of your institutional vivarium. Your Cyagen project manager will introduce you to Taconic's logistic team who will assist in the final coordination of shipping your model.
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Option A: RapidRELAY™ projects — your animals are shipped directly to your vivarium without additional testing, with animals carrying Cyagen's Select Pathogen Free (SPF) health status. Option B: RapidCHECK™ project — your animals undergo validation, health testing at Taconic thereby verifying their SPF status from Cyagen, and allowing for importation without quarantine*. Option C: RapidEXPANSION™ projects — your animals are rederived to one of Taconic's International Health Monitoring System™ (IHMS™) health standards using Taconic's RapidEXPANSION™ technology, reducing time to cohort and guaranteeing a commercial grade heath standard.


Knockouts (KO)

Constitutive knockouts can be quickly generated utilizing Cyagen's TurboKnockout® embryonic stem cell (ESC) based technology providing ESC based models at timelines comparable to CRISPR-based models. CRISPR is also available, with AI-based bioinformatic analysis driving identification of the optimal region to target.

Conditional Knockouts and Knock-ins (cKO/cKI)

Conditional knockouts and knock-ins can also be quickly generated using TurboKnockout®. With a germline guarantee and self-deleting selection cassette, TurboKnockout® accelerates traditional ESC based model generation.

Point Mutation Knock-ins

Point mutations can be quickly generated via CRISPR/Cas9 or Cyagen's accelerated ESC based method, TurboKnockout®, enabling more complex point mutations and/or genetic modifications.

Large Fragment Knock-ins (LFKI)

Rosa26 and other safe harbor loci can be targeted for large fragment knock-ins using a variety of methodologies to ensure your studies are not limited by technology or capability. With the ability to perform LFKI at any locus, the only limit to your studies is your ingenuity.


With the capability to generate both traditional and PiggyBac-based transgenics, The Alliance can provide your research with cost-effective transgenic models with the ability to avoid gene silencing with single-copy-per-integration-site, and no loss of transgene sequence when using PiggyBac.

TruIMPORT™ — Three Unique Options for Importing Your New Genetically Engineered Model

TruIMPORT™ is a novel service offered by The Alliance that removes concerns with importing your model into your home facility. There are three options available as part of this portfolio of services: RapidRELAY™, RapidCHECK™, and RapidEXPANSION™. We understand the challenges that non-profit researchers can experience when importing models into their facilities and have designed this suite of delivery options to address common barriers to importation.

Which Importation Method is Right for You?

Considerations and Benefits RapidRELAY™ RapidCHECK™ RapidEXPANSION™
Animals are unpacked and reviewed by Taconic's trained technicians upon arrival from Cyagen
Includes a health report from Cyagen only prior to shipment to US
Allows import of animals within 3 weeks of arrival from Cyagen
Animal health report is reviewed by Taconic veterinarian
Includes a health monitoring report on animals post-arrival from Cyagen
Removes the need for quarantine at customer's home facility*
(please refer to health testing and exclusion list)
Excludes all bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens*
(please refer to health testing and exclusion list)
Provides opportunity to expand the number of animals in model generation deliverable
Provides age matched cohorts
Eligible for shipment on a Taconic fleet truck
Eligible for downstream breeding in a Taconic Barrier
Guaranteed exclusion of MKPV

Related Flyer Download our related Flyer: TruIMPORT™
The Alliance has developed multiple comprehensive documents to further explain our services. Included in these are details on project flow, a review of the TruIMPORT™ options, and a comprehensive Health Testing and Exclusions list. This table, located in the TruIMPORT™ flyer, is an essential guide for veterinarians and vivarium staff that clarifies the exclusion, tolerance, and testing of pathogens for each delivery option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

RapidEXPANSION™ provides rederivation of your animals at a high commercial grade, Taconic IHMS™ health standard while RapidCHECK™ and RapidRELAY™ do not. While RapidCHECK™ does validate the health status of your animals, both RapidCHECK™ and RapidRELAY™ provide your animals at Cyagen's SPF health status. To ensure delivery without quarantine, please discuss these options as well as our excluded/tolerated pathogen list with your vivarium/veterinarian.
RapidCHECK™ is a 7 week process where Taconic will receive your animals from Cyagen; collect samples (fur swab, fur pluck, fecal pellets); perform testing by PCR and OPTI-Spot; and subsequently ship your animals to your vivarium following review and acceptance of testing data.
Once your animals are ready for shipment a member of Taconic's logistics team will reach out to arrange shipment. Should you be unable to receive your animals within 7 days, a weekly holding charge will be assessed until you can take delivery. If you anticipate not being able to take delivery of your animals (e.g., IACUC protocol still under review), please let us know so we can discuss options to ensure your receive your animals as soon as possible without additional fees.

Request a consultation for custom model design.

* Please check and confirm with your vivarium and veterinarian to confirm which delivery method allows for importation without quarantine into your facilities.

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