Series: Essentials of CRISPR-Based Animal Models in Drug Discovery

Genetically engineered animals are vital to drug discovery; yet, generating a relevant model involves key decision points. In this three-part podcast series hosted by The CRISPR Journal, Taconic Biosciences subject matter experts explore the factors to consider when using CRISPR and other techniques to generate genetically engineered animal models. Listeners will learn about the scientific and licensing considerations associated with these technologies, as well as unique issues involved when breeding CRISPR-generated founder animals. The informative series features insights from Taconic PhD scientists, including Evert-Jan Uringa, Dominique Bröehl, Gretchen Rice, Mark Johnson, Gretchen Kusek, and Bart Smits:

“In the end, it's most important to generate a well-designed and fully molecularly validated model. Every technology has its strengths and weaknesses.

From a licensing perspective: What is the ultimate goal for the use of the research model? Will it be used for internal research only, or for sales to a third party? CRISPR is a reasonable choice for research models that will only be used internally or shared with collaborators.”

Listen to all of the episodes at the links below:

Episode 1: Choosing the Best Genetic Modification Technology to Generate an Animal Model
Episode 2: Legal Considerations When Choosing a Genetic Modification Technology to Generate an Animal Model
Episode 3: What is so different about CRISPR Founder breeding?