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What is FRapid® expansion?

We take frozen sperm and perform a rapid expansion, expanding from a cryopreserved sperm sample up to 100 mice with the same week of birth. The ability to quickly revitalize your rodent line from cryopreserved stock forms the basis of the security of cryopreservation.

Taconic Biosciences offers two options for recovery from cryopreservation, allowing unmatched flexibility to meet your budget and downstream project demands.


  • The ideal choice for large scale recoveries or when a designated health status is critical
  • Cryopreserved material may be sourced from Taconic and other validated repositories or your own laboratory
  • Oocyte donors may be sourced from Taconic, other providers or another genetically modified line
  • FRapid® expansion generates a fully scaled breeding colony directly from cryopreservation, saving months of downstream natural expansion breeding
  • Cohorts of 20 to> 100 mice with the same week of birth can be generated from FRapid® expansion.


  • The ideal choice for small scale recoveries when a designated health status is not critical
  • Recover your line for less than $1,000 and receive a $450 voucher towards a future Rapid Expansion on the same line
  • Includes two attempts to recover the line from cryopreserved stock
  • Offspring are not equivalent of "rederived" and do not carry a Taconic Health Designation
  • Fast and economical path to producing live donors for use in a downstream Rapid Expansion
  • Deliverable is minimum of one litter that survives to weaning