With a Myriad of Technologies for Genetically Modifying Models, It Pays to Choose Wisely

Given the diverse portfolio of technologies available to generate genetically engineered models, how do you select the optimal technique for a given research project? In an article in Drug Discovery World, Taconic Biosciences' Dr. Caroline Horizny answers the question by reviewing the different technologies used to genetically modify a model. This comparison of each technique's advantages, disadvantages, and most appropriate applications can aid investigators in making the best decision about which approach to use when custom-generating a genetically engineered model:

“Though CRISPR/Cas9 receives much of the attention (because it expands the boundaries of mouse model development), the research community should not default to this approach as the ideal method for all custom model generation projects. When evaluating genetic modification techniques, it is essential that technical feasibility and production efficiency, among other factors, are part of the discussion.”
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