The Benefits of Robust Colony Management in Drug Discovery

The more complex a genetically engineered model, the more complicated the downstream breeding--and the more vital colony management becomes in achieving the research objectives. In this podcast hosted by Drug Discovery World, John Couse, Vice President of Scientific Services at Taconic Biosciences, explores how robust colony management can improve drug discovery involving sophisticated genetically engineered models. Listeners will learn how a colony management solution that combines the right expertise and capabilities can accelerate research timelines, reduce risks, and enable investigators to obtain study data faster, so they can make informed, timely decisions about their research programs:

"Contract services providers that are willing to take or share the steering wheel with the customer...can bring so much more benefit, most especially by accelerating timelines, eliminating waste, bringing consistency to the performance of the models when on study, and managing and mitigating genetic drift, just as some examples."
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