Random Integration Transgenic (RITg) Service

Taconic's ExpressMODEL® RITg service is a novel and innovative solution that accelerates the timeline to results.

Our Innovative Approach

Custom model generation through pronuclear injection (PNI) to create random integration transgenics continues to be a favored path to quickly generate "gain of function" models that express an ectopic gene and pass the trait onto their offspring. However, because genomic integration site and copy number of the transgene is random in each injected embryo, each resulting founder is unique and requires extensive transgene expression analysis to determine if it will perform to the desired specifications (e.g., expression levels and tissue distribution). As a result, common practice is to separately propagate each founder to generate offspring for extensive transgene expression studies. These data are then used to determine which founder(s) to continue breeding with. The cost and time investment of the downstream breeding and characterization of multiple founders can heavily outweigh the original cost to generate the model.

By providing the opportunity to assess transgene expression and fertility of founder animals, ExpressMODEL®: RITg accelerates the timeline to results and mitigates the risks inherent to random integration transgenic model generation on project timeline and budget.

ExpressMODEL®: RITg Service:

Obtain results at least 3 months faster than through traditional approaches

ExpressMODEL® RITg Service Timeline

How does ExpressMODEL® RITg Accelerate Timeline to Results

ExpressMODEL® Random Integration Transgenic mitigates risks to project timeline and budget by providing the opportunity for transgene analysis in founder animals. In essence, sperm from founder animals are collected and subsequently analyzed, allowing for transgene expression and fertility data to be available at least 3 months sooner than through traditional approaches and accelerating the timeline to the generation of experimental cohorts.

ExpressMODEL® RITg Accelerates Timeline to Results

Why ExpressMODEL®:RITg?

  • Reduce the timeline to transgene expression and fertility data by 3-5 months compared to the traditional approach to breeding founder animals and characterizing F1 offspring.
  • Predictable and accelerated timelines through in vitro fertilization (IVF) versus natural breeding.
  • Customize the cohort size at the desired health standard to meet your research needs.
  • Avoid the cost and time constraints of breeding and characterizing multiple founders.
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