Standard Immunodeficients

Immunodeficient models have contributed to major scientific advances in immunology, transplantation, oncology, stem cell research, and infectious disease therapies. Taconic Biosciences is proud to offer a wide variety of immunodeficient rodent models that can be supplied quickly and efficiently to help propel your research forward.

The standard immunodeficient strains and stocks above have broad applications, are generally produced from sizeable live colonies and are available under Taconic's general terms of sale. Taconic offers additional genetically engineered (GEM) immunodeficient models which may have specialty applications and which are subject to more restrictive terms of use. Use the comparison table below or contact Taconic for guidance on the most appropriate immunodeficient model for your needs.


N U Black & White Nude
NU Black Nude
NU Albino Nude
T T Cell Deficient
B B Cell Deficient
NK NK Cell Deficient

Certain cell lines engraft easily in nude or scid mice, but slow-growing cell lines and patient-derived tumors may require super immunodeficient hosts such as NOG mice. NOG and second generation NOG strains are also appropriate hosts for immune system humanization, and these models can be further engrafted with human tumors to study immuno-oncology therapeutic efficacy.

Taconic has compiled a database of published human tumor cell lines, with details on cancer type, appropriate host strains and published references. This is an excellent starting point for identification of desired cell lines, likely hosts and starting conditions for a pilot study. Not sure which strain may be best for your study? Contact us for a free trial, including comparison of multiple host strains.

Model# Model Name Model Type Coat Color Cell Deficiencies Other Immunodeficiencies
NCRNU NCr nude mouse NU T
NMRINU NMRI nude mouse NU T
1147 Jh (BALB/c) mouse B
17758 Jh (C57BL/6) mouse B
CB17SC C.B-17 scid mouse T B
ICRSC ICR scid mouse T B
601 Rag2 (BALB/c) mouse T B
RAGN12 Rag2 (C57BL/6) mouse T B
CBSCBG Scid-beige mouse T B NK
4111 Rag2/II2rg Double Knockout mouse (C57BL/6) T B NK Dysfunctional dendritic cells
11503 CIEA BRG mouse (BALB/c) T B NK Dysfunctional dendritic cells
NOG CIEA NOG mouse® T B NK Reduced complement activity, dysfunctional macrophages & dendritic cells, deficiencies in immune signaling, including cytokine production. The most Immune deficient mouse available
Cryopreserved standard strains may be obtained faster and less expensively from another vendor which maintains live breeding. Taconic retains webpages for models which are cryopreserved or no longer available as a historical resource.

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