EZcohort® Models

Lab tech working with cryopreservation materialsObtaining the right genetically engineered models (GEMs) in a simple, fast, and transparent way is essential to drive your research program forward, yet accessing cryopreserved lines can be cumbersome. To provide customers with valuable animal models without the burden of lengthy legal negotiations and undefined deliverables Taconic Biosciences has created the EZcohort® models collection to ensure easy access to a select group of GEMs. EZcohort® models are distributed under clear terms of use and include rights to use, breed, and crossbreed. The granted use rights for most models are perpetual.

Easy access means starting your project sooner

EZcohort® models are distributed under simple terms of sale that grant the purchaser rights to use, breed and crossbreed for three years. The full terms of sale are located on any EZcohort® model page by clicking on the 'Licensing' accordion. Most models are sold under terms which grant perpetual use rights, but a few models have limited use terms of three years which may be renewed. The term of use for each model is called out on the model page.

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The Deliverable

Program Benefits

  • CLEAR DELIVERABLES: Receive use rights and four mutant animals (at least heterozygous for all alleles), all included in a single purchased price
  • SIMPLE TIMELINE: 14-16 weeks after order receipt
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD TERMS OF USE: simple terms of sale offering breeding and use rights
  • WORLDWIDE ACCESS: most models are available to both for-profit and non-profit organizations
Want to start with a different cohort size? Contact our breeding management experts to discuss options to grow your colony faster.

Receiving breeders is just the start. Every EZcohort® order comes with accompanying support material. Upon purchase, you receive a colony maintenance instruction pack that includes:

  • PCR genotyping protocol
  • Mating instructions
  • SNP testing resources and advice to monitor genetic drift

  • What are EZcohort® models?
    EZcohort® models are a collection of Taconic's cryopreserved, genetically engineered models.

  • Why is it called "EZcohort®"?
    Taconic has made it easy for researchers to access these models through the use of simple terms of sale and predefined cohort sizes. The terms of sale may be downloaded from the EZcohort® model page under the licensing accordion.

  • Can I just place an order and receive the model?
    Yes. Submit your order by emailing the signed terms of sale along with a purchase order to info@taconic.com. The cryorecovery will begin automatically.

  • Are EZcohort® models cryopreserved?
    Yes. Cryorecovery generally takes 14-16 weeks.

  • How long does it take to receive the model?
    EZcohort® models program delivers a minimum of 4 mice that are at least heterozygous for the mutant alleles. They will be delivered to you in 14-16 weeks.

  • Can I breed these mice at my facility?
    Yes. Our conditions of use allow you to breed or crossbreed the mice for either a limited 3 year term or a perpetual term (depending on the model). This is included in the purchase price.

  • What if I want more than 4 mice?
    No problem. If you require more than 4 mice, we will put you in contact with one of our Scientific Program Managers. They will work with you to develop a breeding program that will meet the goals of your study. Learn more about Taconic's Scientific Services.

  • Can I request cryopreserved sperm or embryos?
    Unfortunately, we cannot provide cryopreserved materials.

  • What health standard are EZcohort® models delivered at?
    All mice are delivered at the Murine Pathogen Free™ health standard.

  • What if I want the models at a different health standard?
    We can deliver EZcohort® models at other health standards. We will have you engage with one of our Scientific Program Managers to discuss the specific needs of your project.

  • I searched all your models and can't find the one I require for my studies. Can you help?
    Yes. Taconic is a fully licensed provider of model generation services and Scientific Program Managers can help you. Please contact us with questions and for more information.

  • How are EZcohort® models different from the Knockout Repository, and GEM Collections?
    The GEM Collection and the Knockout Repository are collections of genetically engineered models with somewhat different licensing terms. Some GEM Collection models are restricted to non-profit customers.

  • Will I need to pay for shipping costs?
    Yes. Taconic Transit Cages and freight are charged separately.

  • For models with limited 3 year terms, how is the license term tracked?
    Taconic's legal department will follow up annually with a simple request to confirm ongoing breeding and use. At the end of the third year, a continuation agreement and maintenance fee will be sent.

  • What if the cryo-recovery fails?
    While we take every precaution to ensure a project is completed on time, in rare instances cryo-recoveries fail. If this should happen with your project, you will be contacted immediately. We will work with you to discuss the implications of the first attempt, and recommend the next steps. In many cases, we immediately schedule a second attempt to recover and provide a revision to the timeline.

Current EZcohort® Models:

β-actin-luc - Model 10498
Abb (H2-Ab1) - Model 4026
Ahr Knockout Mouse
B2m (β2m)
B6 Albino A++
Brca1-Associated Breast Cancer Model
Car Knockout Mouse
Ccr2 Knockout
Ccr5 Knockout
Cd4 Knockout
Cd4 Knockout/hCD4
CRE-Luc GPCR Reporter Mouse, Line 11
CRE-Luc GPCR Reporter Mouse, Line 187
CRE-Luc GPCR Reporter Mouse, Line 64
Cyp2c Knockout Mouse
Cyp2d Knockout Mouse
Cyp3a (7-gene) Knockout Mouse
Cyp3a (8-gene) Knockout
Ext1 Conditional Knockout
Floxed Ink4a/Arf Mouse
Floxed p53 Mouse
Human 15q13.3 Deletion [Df(h15q13)/+] Mouse
Human 1q21.1 Deletion [Df(h1q21)/+] Mouse
Humanized AHR Mouse
Humanized CAR Mouse
Humanized CYP2D6 Mouse
Humanized CYP3A4/3A7 Mouse
Humanized FKBP5 A/T
Humanized FKBP5 C/G
Humanized Gut CYP3A4 Mouse
Humanized Liver CYP3A4 Mouse
Humanized MRP2 Mouse
Humanized OATP1B1 Mouse
Humanized OATP1B1/1B3 Mouse
Humanized OATP1B3 Mouse
Humanized PXR Mouse
Humanized PXR-CAR Mouse
Humanized PXR-CAR-CYP3A4/3A7 Mouse
IL15 Knockout
Pxr Knockout Mouse
Pxr-Car Knockout Mouse
Pxr-Car-Ahr Knockout Mouse
Rag2 - Model 461
Rag2 - Model 578
Rag2 - Model RAG2
Rag2 Knockout/Transgenic Cyt5CC7 T Cell Receptor
Rag2 Knockout/Transgenic LCMV-P14 T Cell Receptor
Rag2/HY - Model 467
SAP/Sh2d1A Knockout
Tbet Knockout (BALB/c)
Tbet Knockout (C57BL/6)
TSG-p53® - Model P53N12
Xpc - Model 557

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