GEMs: Genetically Engineered Mouse and Rat Models

Several unique Taconic Biosciences programs bring GEMs to the research community faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Live Models

Offers ready access to fully licensed transgenic models available off-the-shelf in typical study quantities with full use rights. Our TTMs™ are widely used in ADME, metabolic and cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration, short-term carcinogenicity bioassays, immunology, and oncology studies.

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Facilitates the sharing of new transgenic models rapidly and widely across the scientific community, by maintaining a repository of investigator-sponsored models bred and distributed by Taconic.

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Cryopreserved Models

When proprietary knockout models are needed on a fast timeline, Taconic's unrivaled Knockout Repository of more than 4,000 knockout mouse lines provides easy access – eliminating the long lead times required for model design and development.

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To provide customers with valuable animal models without the burden of lengthy legal negotiations and undefined deliverables Taconic Biosciences has created the EZcohort™ models collection to ensure easy access to a select group of GEMs.

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The GEM collection contains several hundred proprietary GEM lines (mainly conditional or constitutive KO mice in C57BL/6 background) that can be accessed by nonprofit organizations.

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