'Twas the End of the Year

'Twas the End of the YearWith apologies to Clement C. Moore

'Twas the end of the year, and in laboratories throughout
Scientists were working, to get that last paper out;

The final experiments were designed with true care,
In the hopes of results and citations so rare.

The protocols were written and IACUC form submitted,
All resources accounted for, tagged and committed.

The technicians in lab coats and experiments underway,
Seemed to make it clear that I should just go away.

When I stepped out of the lab, there arose such a clatter,
I'm pretty sure that I was the subject matter.

Away to the office I flew like a flash,
Booted up the computer and hoped: "please don't crash"

The glow of the curser blinked at me so slow,
I must get this manuscript started, I know.

I would get this submitted, of that I was sure,
As my ancient Macintosh kicked up with a whir.

'Twas the End of the Year I tapped at the keyboard most lively and quick,
I knew in a moment this article would stick.

More rapid the letters appeared on the screen,
I typed out the sequence that coded the gene.

Now Science! Now Cell! Now Nature Genetics!
How about Lancet or the Annual Review of Genetics?

This manuscript, to the top of the citation list will go,
Just as I envisioned all those long months ago.

In my rush to be tops, I may have missed the point,
What about that inhibitor called checkpoint?

I thought to myself, quite a year it has been
New things aplenty in and out of my discipline,

Immuno-oncology, CAR-T cells I've read about,
Were developed by Nobel scientist devout.

CRISPR and gene therapy are working quite well,
So much hope for all the diseases they could quell.

C. diff infection: we now can treat it!
A microbiome transfer is the way to beat it.

Scientists have toiled long days for sure,
Hoping to develop that most elusive cure

The experiment — now conducted, the results tabulated,
Replicating the results is the next thing slated.

Step by step, the knowledge it grew,
We knew in the lab; the results would accrue.

'Twas the End of the Year The data and graphs all presented with care,
The methods and materials assembled with flair.

Yes, the manuscript will be written in this very sitting,
To reveal hidden knowledge and how much I am winning.

Whoa, but wait a minute, not just to MY credit,
Nor to the journal who will assuredly print it;

But to patients the world 'round who have given consent,
In the hopes that our work, future disease will prevent.

Free of pain and illness is all of our hope,
They will live life to the fullest, being able to cope.

To scientists, technicians and others who toil all year,
The credit is shared by many, that is quite clear.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our heart,
We appreciate what you have done playing your part.

And so, as we draw to a close, to all our Insight readers we say,
Happy New Year to all and to all a great day!

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