CASIS Announces Request for Proposals to Access Spaceflight Biospecimens

CASIS Announces Request for Proposals to Access Spaceflight Biospecimens
Source: CASIS
The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) recently announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) for investigators seeking to access biological specimens from its Rodent Research Reference Mission-1, Applications for Spaceflight Biospecimens. The BALB/c mice for the space flight are provided by Taconic Biosciences. Taconic Biosciences has provided mice and rats for spaceflight research since 1985.

CASIS intends to send 40 BALB/c mice of two different age groups to the orbiting laboratory for comparison with age-matched ground controls as part of a reference mission. Awardees from this RFP will have the ability to evaluate ground control and spaceflight biospecimens after their return to Earth.

To learn more about this RFP or to submit a proposal, visit the CASIS 2018 rodent research website.

Find out more about rodent research in space, read the short article The Value of Space Science and Rodents on the ISS.

taconic white paperDownload the Taconic Biosciences' White Paper:
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