New Resource for Gnotobiotics Research

Growth in Gnotobiotics

Research in gnotobiotic rodents and other animal models is a growing field. The rise in microbiome studies is likely responsible for this increase. This gnotobiotic renaissance has fueled exponential growth in the number of institutions operating or making plans for gnotobiotic facilities and a demand for more education.
Publications mentioning “Gnotobiotics” The non-profit organization, the Association for Gnotobiotics, is answering this need for gnotobiotic knowledge by publishing its first members newsletter. Featuring a variety of topics and resources, this bulletin is a valuable publication for those starting gnotobiotic facilities as well as seasoned researchers.

The Association for Gnotobiotics

The mission of the Association for Gnotobiotics (AG) is to connect colleagues interested in advancing knowledge and technologies associated with the generation, care, and use of germ-free and defined flora laboratory models by fostering communication through modern technology, seminars, and meetings. Find out more information about the Association and inquire about becoming a member.


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