Taconic Facility in Cologne, Germany Receives AAALAC Accreditation

All Taconic Programs Worldwide Now Have Voluntary Accreditation

Hudson, New York — December 1, 2010 - Taconic, a leading provider of in vivo solutions to life science researchers worldwide, announced that its Cologne, Germany production program has earned accreditation from AAALAC International (the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International). With this accreditation, all Taconic programs worldwide are now AAALAC accredited thereby assuring customers that Taconic meets the highest industry standard of quality, health, genetic integrity, and care for its animal models.

AAALAC International promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and evaluation programs. Taconic was one of the first suppliers to be accredited by AAALAC International in 1969.

"For more than four decades, through our voluntary participation in the AAALAC accreditation process, Taconic has demonstrated its commitment to the safe, humane treatment of the research animals that are vital to our clients' biomedical research" said Jeffrey J. Lohmiller, DVM, MS, ACLAM, Global Senior Director, Veterinary Sciences, Taconic. "Attaining AAALAC accreditation across all of our programs worldwide is an achievement that reflects Taconic's unwavering focus on quality and accountability."

The rigorous accreditation process required both a stringent internal review by Taconic and a comprehensive, on-site assessment by AAALAC evaluators, reviewing the Cologne site's entire animal care and use program. To maintain their accredited status, all Taconic programs undergo re-evaluation every three years as per AAALAC requirements.

According to AAALAC International, more than 800 companies, universities, hospitals, government agencies, and other research institutions have earned this prestigious accreditation.

About Taconic
Taconic is a leading provider of life sciences solutions to researchers worldwide, offering innovative lab animal models and scientific services that facilitate in vivo studies and advance drug discovery. Taconic's wide range of advanced solutions include custom genetically modified rat and mouse model generation and production, contract breeding, off-the-shelf model repositories, compound profiling, contract research, imaging, genetic monitoring, and health testing. Headquartered in New York's Hudson River Valley, Taconic operates seven breeding facilities and three service laboratories in the U.S. and Europe and maintains a staff of over 1,000 scientific specialists committed to technological innovation.