Taconic Expands Global Reach; Signs International Agreement To Support the Development of Life Science Research In Singapore

Hudson, New York — April 19, 2010 - Taconic, a leading provider of advanced life science solutions to researchers worldwide, announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with InVivos, a company established by the Biomedical Sciences Institutes of A*STAR (Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore's lead government agency dedicated to fostering and developing world class scientific research), and the National University of Singapore.

InVivos was founded for the purpose of establishing a centralized national breeding facility that will provide life science researchers throughout Singapore with high-quality animal models.

InVivos will build and operate the national breeding facility, and Taconic will provide consulting services during its design and construction, as well as training for key employees. Once the facility is built, Taconic will supply its breed-stock — a broad range of rodent models, all bred to the highest health and genetic standards in the industry.

"It is testimony to our position of leadership in mouse and rat genetics, as well as our half century of expertise in breeding and worldwide delivery, that we have been selected as trainers, consultants and suppliers to InVivos," said Kevin Leak, Senior Vice President of Client Relations for Taconic. "The government of Singapore has made a huge commitment to research and development. In 2006, they committed over SG$13.55 billion (about US$9.8 billion) to fund both public and private sector research for the next 5 years. Singapore now hosts a vibrant and growing research landscape made up of its public sector research institutes, industry corporate laboratories, internationally recognized universities, and academic medical centers. Taconic is proud to be a partner with InVivos in serving the growing community of life science researchers in this dynamic and forward-looking country."

"Over the years, Taconic, and the research models it produces, have established standards of quality and integrity that are difficult to match," said Christopher H. J. Sear, PhD, Director of InVivos. "The selection of Taconic as consultant, trainer, and supplier of well characterized and internationally acceptable animal models should come as no surprise. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Taconic."

About InVivos
A partnership between the Biomedical Sciences Institutes of A*STAR, Singapore's government Agency for Science, Technology and Research and the National University of Singapore, InVivos is envisioned as the premier source of high-quality research rodent models available in Singapore.

About Taconic
Taconic is a leading supplier of life sciences solutions to researchers throughout the world, offering innovative laboratory animal models and scientific services that facilitate in vivo studies and accelerate drug discovery. Taconic's wide range of advanced solutions include custom model design, generation and production, imaging, off-the shelf model repositories, compound profiling, contract research, custom breeding, genetic monitoring, and health testing. Headquartered in New York's Hudson River Valley, Taconic operates seven breeding facilities and three service laboratories in the US and Europe, and maintains a staff of over 1,000 scientific specialists committed to technological innovation.