Lab mice's ancestral 'Eve' gets her genome sequenced

Nature interviews Taconic Biosciences' Ana Perez about Taconic Biosciences' efforts to account for genetic drift, and that Taconic plans to publish the genome of its own 'Eve':

Lab mice's ancestral 'Eve' gets her genome sequenced"Adam and Eve, a pair of black mice, lived for less than two years and never left their home at the Jackson Laboratory (JAX) in Bar Harbor, Maine. But since they were bred in 2005, their progeny have spread around the globe: the pair's living descendants, which likely number in the hundreds of thousands. They are members of the most popular strain of mice used in biomedical research, which was created nearly a century ago.

Now, researchers at JAX are reconstructing Eve's genome in the hopes of better understanding -- and compensating for -- the natural mutations that occur in lab mice over the course of generations."
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