How to Accelerate Mouse Model Generation Without Reducing Quality

Researchers are under pressure to accelerate their studies and obtain faster, more predictable results that can speed time to market with efficacious therapeutics. But the complex genetically engineered models that are vital to their studies have traditionally required lengthy design and development timelines. In this podcast hosted by Drug Discovery World, Dominique Bröhl and Jan Evert-Uringa, Scientific Program Managers at Taconic Biosciences, review challenges and solutions to accelerating mouse model generation without sacrificing quality. Listeners will learn how a solution like Taconic's ExpressMODEL® platform overcomes the limitations of natural breeding, allows for more predictable timelines, maximizes the reliability and effectiveness of downstream breeding by accurately selecting founder mice with high germline transmission and fertilization rates, and ultimately enables investigators to obtain a larger cohort of mice on a faster timeline:

"There is a lot of pressure on drug discovery programs, and potentially model generation timelines can further delay these programs...Taconic uses the ExpressMODEL® approach to reduce timelines significantly while still preserving all necessary quality control steps. The ExpressMODEL®  platform combines thorough characterization of founder mice with in vitro fertilization to increase the number of animals that can be generated in the F1 generation of a new mouse model."

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