A variety of different cannulation sites are available, including insertion of vascular, brain, and intestinal cannula.
Taconic's cannulation procedures are typically performed several days prior to shipment to provide ample recovery time for the animals prior to transport. Cannulas are obtained from several manufacturers including: Access Technologies, SAI Infusions, and Instech Solomon. For vascular catheters, patency is verified by the ability to withdraw a blood sample within 24 hours of shipment and is guaranteed upon receipt of animals. Venous catheters are recommended for infusion only, and arterial catheters should be used for blood sampling.

Vascular Cannulations:

Procedure Validated Species
Carotid Artery Cannulation Rat
Femoral Artery Cannulation Rat
Femoral Vein Cannulation Rat
Jugular Vein Cannulation Rat & Mouse
Portal Vein Cannulation Rat
Vascular Access Button Rat & Mouse

Brain Cannulations:

Procedure Validated Species
Intracerebroventricular Cannulation (ICVC) Rat & Mouse
Intracerebroventricular Cannulation (With Alzet™ Infusion Kit) Rat & Mouse
Angiotensin II Screen of ICVC Rat
Third Ventricle Cannulation (TVC) Rat & Mouse
Microdialysis Probe Implants Rat & Mouse
Custom Brain Cannulation Rat & Mouse

Other Cannulations:

Procedure Validated Species
Bile Duct Cannulation with Duodenal return Rat
Intestinal Cannulation (Duodenal) Rat & Mouse
Intestinal Cannulation (Jejunum) Rat & Mouse
Intestinal Cannulation (Ileum) Rat & Mouse
Intestinal Cannulation (Colon) Rat & Mouse
Custom Catheter Rat & Mouse