IL-1β Knockout Mouse

Constitutive Knockout

IL-1β Knockout Mouse - Constitutive Knockout
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  • Model #
  • Genotype
  • Nomenclature
  • 17503
  • Carries a deletion of the interleukin 1β gene
  • Homozygous mice show an impaired acute phase inflammatory response and a reduced fever response to local inflammatory agents
  • Useful to examine the role of interleukin in inflammatory responses and for studies on arthritis

Genetic Background:

C57BL/6J Background


The IL-1β knockout was developed by Zheng et al. in the laboratory of Lex Van der Ploeg at Merck Research Laboratories. AB 2.1 (129S7/SvEvBrd) embryonic stem cells, gene targeted by positive-negative selection, were injected into C57BL/6 blastocysts. The resultant chimeras were backcrossed for three generations to the MHC congenic B10.RIII-H2r to transfer the H2r haplotype to the targeted mutant. The IL-1ß heterozygotes were intercrossed to achieve homozygosity. This model was distributed as Taconic line 612, which is no longer available. The line was subsequently backcrossed by a third party to C57BL/6J and the H2r haplotype was removed. This current version of the model was imported to Taconic in 2018 and is congenic on C57BL/6J (NE7) with some residual genomic DNA from the 129 ES cells according to SNP testing.





Initial Publication:

Zheng, H.; Fletcher, D.; Kozak, W.; Jiang, M.; Hofmann, K. J.; Corn, C. A.; Soszynski, D.; Grabiec, C.; Trumbauer, M. E.; Shaw, A.; Kostura, M. J.; Stevens, K.; Rosen, H.; North, R. J.; Chen, H. Y.; Tocci, M. J.; Kluger, M. J.; Ploeg, L. H. V. D. Immunity 1995, 3 (1), 9–19.

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