Project Management

Taconic Biosciences' ecosystem of support including Scientific Program Managers, Project Managers, and Application Scientists are assigned from the moment we start planning your colony and stay with the project until completion.
We recognize that within every customer, we serve multiple stakeholders. We pride ourselves in developing customer-focused programs that adapt to your needs, and not the other way around. From proposal development to project close, every project is managed according to project management best practices with you, the client, as a partner in the process.

Research objectives increasingly call for animal models with complex breeding and husbandry needs. We believe providing our customers with the best animal model solutions is the most effective way to drive critical research from idea to cure. As a leading service provider,  we help customers acquire, generate, breed, test, prepare, and distribute highly relevant research models worldwide.

Our Customer-Centric Approach to Colony Management Solutions

Project Management Developing an effective breeding program requires a high level of experience and expertise. Without proper planning and insights, breeding programs can quickly develop into massive resource-draining efforts. At Taconic, we work collaboratively with our clients and make them the focus of everything we do. Our PhD scientists take the time to understand your research goals and harness Taconic's vast resources to help you achieve them. Leveraging Taconic's unmatched model repositories, advanced custom model generation capabilities, and flexible breeding solutions, our experts will craft a customized plan to produce, maintain, and deliver study-ready cohorts with unprecedented speed, flexibility, and transparency.

The Customer Journey: How to Get Started

Project Charter
Example of Project Charter
Taconic has you covered through all stages of your breeding program, from model acquisition to expanded application. We understand that acquiring your chosen genetically engineered mouse or rat is just the first step in the process of introducing an animal into your research program. The acquisition step alone is often a considerable investment of money and time yet, when successful, provides you with just a small number of animals to initiate a breeding plan. The question remains as to whether the mutant mouse or rat is the correct physiological model to help advance your research. The need for validation data at this "mutant to model" stage is urgent. Speed to data is critical and may depend solely on producing study cohorts of the appropriate genotype, sex, and size. Our Project Management Group is adept at exploiting our breeding toolbox to generate study cohorts as soon after model acquisition as possible. Our experts regularly utilize RapidEXPANSION™ through in vitro fertilization (IVF), accelerated natural breeding, speed congenics, and optimized high-volume genotyping to generate initial study cohorts in a fraction of the time that is required when using more conventional methods.

Taconic Project Colony Management
Once your mutant mouse or rat model has demonstrated to be critical to answering the research questions at hand, you will then require a dependable supply of study cohorts that meet your specifications. Our Project Management group will work closely with you to scale the breeding of your GEM, all while balancing production with timelines and budget.

Project Management Team

As model generation projects become more complex, they draw on an increasingly diverse set of scientific specializations. Your project management team is always available to address questions in their areas of expertise, from genetic analysis to custom microbiota associations.

The Project Management Team at Taconic has three key players:

Scientific Program Managers Our PhD Scientific Program Managers are available to discuss project-specific goals. Scientific Program Managers have hands-on experience breeding and using animal models in research and draw on the necessary scientific disciplines at Taconic such as Genetics, Embryology, and Veterinary Sciences. They are well equipped to develop an optimal project plan to meet your goals. Through collaborative discussions, they develop a Project Charter that ensures optimal project design and defines the resources needed to meet cohort goals. The Scientific Program Managers will provide scientific oversight and support to the project management team throughout the project lifecycle.

Project Managers All of our projects are supported by dedicated Project Managers, many of whom are not only scientists but are also certified Project Management Professionals. They are your dedicated contact at Taconic, ensure adherence to project plans, and stay with your project until completion. Project Managers monitor project goals, assist customers in setting up shipments, and answer questions as they arise.

Strategy Design Group This specialized team designs the project charter for all projects, ensuring consistency and adherence to all project management and breeding best practices. Projects are executed according to the plans developed in the initiation and planning phases, with status updates communicated at the time points set out in a Project Charter and available via eTACONIC®.
Taconic's Customer Centric Approach


eTACONIC® empowers all animal model stakeholders with unparalleled visibility and access to data.

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What our customers are saying about eTACONIC® 3.2:

  • "Best in class"
  • "It's how we run the business"
  • "eTACONIC® is designed around the client"
eTACONIC® allows our Scientific Services customers to have secure, 24/7/365 access to their Colony Management and Model Generation project data and reports in real time across your organization:

Principal Investigators

  • Ease of access to information
  • 24/7 visibility and access
  • Real time inventory status
  • Monthly project status updates

Procurement Managers

  • Historical spending reports
  • No need to download and manipulate data, inventory reports available on the customer dashboard
  • Better predict, plan, and manage resources

Outsourcing Managers

  • Information continuity across projects, PIs, and time
  • Single source of Taconic project records
  • Can also serve as an important repository of intellectual property documentation


  • Immediate access to colony genetic and health reports
  • Full transparency on adverse phenotype information

eTACONIC® 3.2 Features

eTACONIC® 3.2 has many new features and enhancements, with a focus on Colony Management projects. Below is a brief example of some interior screens - or you can try the demo.

  • A new user dashboard.
  • Inventory, spending, and shipping reports, as well as document downloads, for Colony Management projects. Many users will also see a redefined project Lifecycle stage, and dynamic monthly status updates.
  • Milestone Reports and documents for Model Generation projects.

Colony Management

Below is an example of a single project:
Colony Management Project View
  1. Navigation
  2. Project summary/company
  3. Project Data
  4. Project Spend
  5. Shipments
  6. Task accordion (below)


Model Generation

If you have a Model Generation project (or projects) your home screen is now the user dashboard. Below is an example of a single project. If you have multiple projects you will have a list view.
Model Generation Project Page
  1. Navigation
  2. Project summary/company
  3. Project Data

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